WSOP director to consult for North American Poker Tour

World famous World Series of Poker (WSOP) director, Matt Savage, has been retained by Hansen Gray & Company, Inc., to continue his duties as tournament director for the North American Poker Tour (NAPP), it was recently announced.

Hansen Gray & Company, a venture capital firm that took control of the NAPP last month when it acquired the series' former owner, NAPP Tours, Inc., has hired Savage to manage the development and implementation of a series of sponsored, televised poker tournaments throughout North America under the NAPP banner.

Matt Savage is known throughout the poker world for his outstanding work as tournament director of the World Series of Poker since 2002, for founding the Tournament Directors Association, and for his instrumental role in standardizing poker tournament rules worldwide. In addition to his duties as tournament director consultant for the NAPP, he is currently serving as tournament director for the Small Town Poker Tour's inaugural televised charity tournament series, which is scheduled to begin filming in the United States this winter. He has worked on over 100 televised poker tournaments.

William H. Waldrop, chairman and CEO of NAPP Tour said, "Matt Savage is a remarkable individual and his guidance and expertise will help us build what we anticipate will be the premier Professional Poker Tour. He will be lead the development and implementation of the tournament structure for the tour, for which we have already received significant industry interest and support."

Savage was equally enthusiastic about the new deal, saying: "I am delighted to be associated with a company like NAPP Tour which has the potential to become a recognized leader in the poker tournament industry. I look forward to working with management to help NAPP Tour capitalize on the growing popularity of professional competitive poker and implementing its plan to establish poker tournaments throughout North America."

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