WSOP Day 35: Lights, camera, action

David Ulliott
Not a good day for the Devilfish.

In case there are actually some poker fans who may not have noticed, the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event got under way today at noon.

This is only one of four first days for the $10,0000 World Championship No-Limit Hold'em event, so there's no official head count or prize pool to announce for the entire event yet. However, rumor has it that more than 1,300 players have shown up for Day 1a so far, topping the 1,258 who played Day 1a in 2007.

Poker fans will have to stay tuned for the official count though, since players have until the end of Level 2 to register and get into the event on its first day.

Who, you might ask, has put up their $10k already to brave the Main Event?

Svetlana Gromenkova, Thomas Wahlroos, Tuan Lam, Jon "PearlJammer" Turner, Raymond Rahme, Freddy Deeb, David Pham or David Ulliott.

Dwan hit the rail after a series of hands against Jean Claude Moussa. He'd already lost $8k or $9k on a previous hand with Moussa and went at him again.

After they saw a flop of 4 8 7, Dwan bet out $550 and then called Moussa's minimum reraise to $1,100. The turn brought the T, and Dwan checked and saw a $2,500 bet from Moussa.

Dwan responded by moving all-in and Moussa called. Dwan showed 8 T for top two pair, but Moussa tabled 9 T for top pair and a lot of outs to win the hand. All it took was a 2 on the river, and Moussa had a flush to eliminate Dwan.

There's plenty more action where this came from as well. Check out the Main Event live updates for the latest busts and triumphs as Day 1a continues.

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