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No, Jeffrey Did Not Win the Event

The World Series of Poker, as its name implies, is one of the most important events in the poker industry. With that hype come glaring spotlights and microscopes as people find things wrong and things to criticize about the event.

To answer those critics and questions, Jeffrey Pollack, WSOP commissioner, has started a blog on the official Web site of the tournament series.

The criticism of the WSOP began almost immediately on June 1 when the lines to register were so long it was taking people three hours to get through them. Then along came the complaints about the new cards put in play.

It was not an easy start to the World Series, but Pollack posted his first blog entry a week later talking about the difficulties and the challenges faced by such a large event.

His apology for the problems and reminder that an event that large is a "bear to operate," are tempered by his list of positive things from the first week of the World Series.

His blog may be a little bit on the sugar-coated side of WSOP news, but Pollack is keeping readers updated as well as explaining why things are being done a certain way this year and also dispelling rumors that have popped up.

Some of the top issues so far:

  • Why certain events are being sequestered this year for pay-per-view broadcast
  • Dispelling the rumor that the Ladies and Seniors events won't be bracelet events after this year
  • Long lines for registration

Check it out at the .

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