WSOP commish proffers forum, free meal

No, Jeffrey Did Not Win the Event
The unsinkable Jeffrey Pollack

A seven-week, 55-event, multi, multi-million dollar spectacle involving hundreds of thousands of cantankerous players, dealers, fans, media and hangers-on, from all corners of the globe - a "World Series" of poker if you will - is, likely, a bit of an organizational nightmare.

So the 2007 WSOP has certainly had a few kinks in the hose, so to speak.

And WSOP Commisioner Jeffrey Pollack, has, of course, heard the beefs. Many times over.

But Pollack is indefatigable. He's addressing issues as they arise, and making changes on the fly.

Registration lines are now shorter and moving quicker. More air conditioning units, vents and a sunshade for the walkway were added to cool down the poker pavilion. He's even taken things to the Interweb, blogging on the WSOP site about some of the key issues.

And now, to ensure the lines of communication are kept open between the administration and the players, Pollack has taken it one step further and announced the first-ever player's forum to be held next Wednesday, June 27.

Pollack, Jack Effel, the WSOP Tournament Director, and an undisclosed selection of key WSOP team members will step to the podium to address some of the prominent issues at the WSOP so far and ultimately talk about anything the players wish to discuss.

Nothing specific has been set for the agenda, but all players are being encouraged to come out and get their two cents in.

Pollack has also announced, in celebration of the start of the marquee $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event, all players who enter will be treated to a special, catered dinner break, similar to a poker all-star banquet.

You can check out all of the Commissioners' thoughts here, in his blog.

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