Poker Launches New Online Community for Players

WSOP in Pavilion

Online poker can be a pretty lonely game but Poker is encouraging user interaction with a new support forum.

The WSOP forums include extra information for online players in New Jersey and Nevada with moderators online to help players deal with any technical issues they might be having.

The message board also has information about the actual live WSOP in Las Vegas and around the world with schedules, structures and more.

It’s a bit of a throwback as forums were a killer app on poker sites in the mid-2000s but — outside of the major ones like TwoPlusTwo Poker Forum — they have pretty much been relegated to the background in recent years.

WSOP Forum Features Leaderboard, Badges


The WSOP is hoping that poker fans will jump on board and even added some extra incentives like a leaderboard and badges for members who post frequently.

As with many online poker forums the WSOP also has the familiar Brags and Bad Beat section for players to share their poker stories.

“This was a decision we made after determining that with all of the social media outlets available to players, centralizing our support communications in one place was the most effective and efficient model for the greatest number of our players,” said the WSOP’s Bill Rini.

To learn more or sign up for an account you can head over to our Poker review.

You can check out the new forum right here.

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