WSOP champions: Where are they now, Part 10

Joseph Hachem
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

This is the final installment of a 10-part series taking a look at the World Series of Poker champions from the very first to the most recent and at what they've done since in the world of poker.

The past three years of the Jerry Yang has been a black hole from which no light - or information - has escaped.

Yang has a single cash to his credit since taking home the second-largest prize in the history of tournament poker, having finished 14th in the $1,000 main event of the 2007 Binion's Poker Open in downtown Vegas. That event drew only 124 entries and paid out only 15 spots, meaning Yang just barely squeaked into the money. He took home $1,324 for his finish.

The information available about the rest of Yang's life hasn't changed since he rivered a straight to claim his title. Nearly every Web site that mentions Yang and his big win simply reiterates the profile available on his official Web site, which is powered by Full Tilt Poker and has not been updated since last year.

Given his status as the defending champion, it's probable that Yang will show up at this year's WSOP. Whether he'll be ready to tell the world more about himself, however, is a different matter altogether.

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Surveying the last 38 years' worth of WSOP champions reveals that fate and luck can play as big a part in the aftermath of any player's victory as they did at the felt. From the Hal Fowlers, who meet with crippling misfortune, to the Robert Varkonyis, who cultivate a low profile, to the Joe Hachems, who build on their triumph, it's difficult to predict what's in the cards for any given WSOP champion.

What is worth putting money on is that, despite its humble beginnings, the Main Event now holds the most powerful allure of any competition in the world of poker.

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