WSOP APAC 3-Bet: N9 No-Show, POY Chirps, Poker = Soul Killer?

2014 WSOP November Nine
Where are they?

The Daily 3-Bet is a quick kangaroo hop through three underreported stories at the 2014 WSOP APAC.

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In today’s daily WSOP APAC 3-Bet piece we’ll take a look at a surprising dearth of November Niners, a red-hot POY race and a new sound clip from Vanessa Rousso.

1) Are 2014 November Niners Gone Till Next Month?

Billy Pappas
Is there a foosball tournament somewhere?

We’ve come to expect big things from November Niners during the months leading up to their final table but this year might buck that trend.

Registration in the first WSOP APAC has officially closed and we haven’t seen a single member of the 2014 November Nine in Melbourne.

That means no Jorryt van Hoof, Martin Jacobson, Mark Newhouse, Billy Pappas, Felix Stephensen, Andoni Larrabe, Dan Sindelar, Will Tonking or Bruno Politano.

There’s a good chance that will change as the series continues but it’s somewhat odd they would all skip the first event.

Perhaps the journey to Australia was a bit more intimidating than going to Europe? Or maybe it’s the fact that none of this year’s 2014 November niners have a good shot at Player of the Year?

Or maybe the fact we listed the N9 as one of the biggest storylines to watch at WSOP APAC? Yeah probably that.

2) Danzer, Shack-Harris, Negreanu Battle for POY

George Danzer
It's on!

While the November Nine may be a colossal no-show thus far, the 2014 Player of the Year race is getting red hot.

George Danzer, Brandon Shack-Harris and Daniel Negreanu were out in full force today with the idea of grinding out a few more POY points.

Shack-Harris is currently leading but Danzer is only seven points behind and a min cash might be enough to push him over the edge. Negreanu will need a bit more.

All three players were cheerfully chirping each other on Twitter and we expect this to go down as one of the more tightly contested POYs in WSOP history.

We’ll be watching all three players very closely throughout the entirety of WSOP APAC.

Of course by process of elimination that likely means John Hennigan, Dan Colman and Justin Bonomo have likely abandoned their individual quests for POY or they are just feeling really confident about the later events.

3) Rousso: Poker is a Zero-Sum Game

Poker is a really fun game but it’s important to remember that every time you win there are lots of people who have to lose.

It’s an interesting point that Vanessa Rousso raised during an extended interview with PokerListings today (you can check it out the complete interview here).

Rousso went on to say that her hobby of DJing has done a great job of balancing her life and letting her actually create something rather than take it away from someone else.

Check out a SoundCloud clip of Rousso speaking about how poker can wear you down below:

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