WSOP APAC 3-Bet: Hellmuth Recovery, Danzer Leapfrog, Rast Fasts

The Daily WSOP APAC 3-Bet is a good night's sleep, a hit from an oxygen mask and all of the calories you need to rise to WSOP glory.

Anything you've noticed in Melbourne that belongs in a future 3-Bet? Let us know in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Hellmuth bouncing back from his breathing problems to threaten for bracelet #14, George Danzer gets in position to jump into the Player of the Year lead again and Brian Rast goes hungry.

1) Hellmuth Bags Top 5 Stack with 31 Left

Phil Hellmuth
Don't count him out just yet.

It hasn't been the greatest WSOP APAC so far for Phil Hellmuth.

Normally a contender in any field, large or small, Hellmuth hasn't had a single deep run through five events so far. To make matters worse, he's also been struggling with breathing problems.

Even going so far as to pay for an early return home the lure of bracelet #14 has kept him in Melbourne instead and the decision might be about to pay off.

Bucking up to play in Event #6, $2,200 Six-Max No-Limit Hold'em, Hellmuth bagged a top 5 stack with just 31 players left.

With 82,500 chips and leader Alexander Antonios at just 138,200, he'll start tomorrow with a very good shot at staying with the lead pack until the final table.

Joining him in the top 5: 2014 WSOP November Niner Bruno Politano. Ami Barer, Jesse Sylvia and Brendon Rubie are also still alive.

Check the full rundown of the action at and tune in tomorrow for the livestream of the final table. If Hellmuth's on it, we'll have some special bonus coverage here as well.

2) Danzer Needs Fourth to Pass Shack-Harris

They came all the way to Melbourne to battle for the Player of the Year title, and that's exactly what has happened.

George Danzer
Trickyscarfy never fazed.

Both George Danzer and Brandon Shack-Harris had a realistic shot of winning the POY title coming into the WSOP APAC and today, after five events completed and two more underway, nothing's changed.

After Danzer leapfrogged Shack-Harris early on in the series the American battled right back with a final table to take the points lead back. Danzer's now returned the favor and is poised to retake the lead as he's made the final six in Event 6, $1,650 8-Game Dealer's Choice.

He still has to finish fourth or better to do it - and he's low in chips - but if Danzer's track record is a good indicator he'll likely find a way to climb the pay table.

Daniel Negreanu, despite a relatively quite WSOP APAC so far, is also still in the picture for POY but he'll need a big result in the Main Event or High Roller to come from behind.

More on the 2014 WSOP POY race here.

3) Rast Goes Hungry, Gets Lyrical

Brian Rast
Hungry for another bracelet. And some food.

Speaking of that Event 6 final table... A latecomer to WSOP APAC this year Brian Rast has dropped into Melbourne to take a crack at a bracelet run.

So far, so good. Rast is second in chips in Event 6 and in prime position to grab his third WSOP bracelet. As he told our PokerListings reporters today, he also had an unexpected boost from not eating:

“I played today fasted. I’m going to go eat now, but I haven’t eaten any calories today, which I actually thought helped me focus.

"I was really well focused today. I feel great. I feel ready to win this.”

It certainly didn't hurt his game at the table -- although based on the poem he posted on Facebook before the day he might have started out a bit lightheaded:

Day two of the 8-game about to continue,
18 players left is but a few,
My opposition can't like my position nor my mission,
Because I can taste bracelet number three,
Houston, they have a problem,
8 games and I've already solved them,
So as you can clearly see,
The last one standing will be me.

Check the live stream of the final table early in the AM on

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