WSOP APAC 3-Bet: Hellmuth 0-4, Negreanu Defends Ivey, Malaysian First

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an inside peek into Day 5 of the 2014 WSOP Asia-Pacific.

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In today’s Daily WSOP APAC 3-Bet special we’ll take a look at Phil Hellmuth stumbling down under, Daniel Negreanu weighing in on Ivey’s court case and the first Malaysian to win a WSOP bracelet.

1) Hellmuth Busts Fourth Straight WSOP APAC Event

Phil Hellmuth
You have to get up pretty early to get a photo of Phil Hellmuth at WSOP APAC.

The Poker Brat isn’t having a great time down under so far at least as far as poker is concerned.

Phil Hellmuth was eliminated from today’s $1.6k Terminator in record speed. It took him just seven hands to get all his money in the middle.

To be fair Hellmuth did bust with pocket aces to an opponent who turned a straight but it still meant he was out of the tournament in less than 30 minutes.

Hellmuth has played all four events down here in Australia and has bricked every tournament including Days 1a, 1b and 1c of the Accumulator. In fact he’s yet to make a single Day 2.

Perhaps he’s saving all his run-good for the Main Event. He’s the only player in the world who could potentially become a WSOP Main Event triple crown winner with wins in Europe and Las Vegas already.

2) Negreanu on Ivey Case: “I Think He’ll Win”

Daniel Negreanu was having a spirited discussion with his table in the $1.6k Terminator today about Phil Ivey’s epic £7.7 lawsuit against Crockford’s Casino.

“I think he’ll win the case,” Negreanu told Jonathan Little and the rest of the players at the table. “All he did was take advantage of the information that was available to him.”

Phil Ivey
Ivey still a topic of discussion in Australia.

“The casino needs to just take it at this point. It’s great advertising for them! They can tell everyone their games are beatable!”

Negreanu went on to say that if anything the casino might have a case against the company who manufactured the flawed playing cards at the tables.

Regardless of what happens Negreanu argued people are firmly on Ivey’s side in the lawsuit.

“There’s something romantic about beating the casino,” he said. “They make movies about it.”

The rest of the table overwhelmingly agreed and Negreanu ended the discussion by saying he hoped the case would be settled by the end of WSOP APAC.

3) Jay Loo Wins First-Ever WSOP Bracelet for Malaysia

Jay Loo
Like a boss.

Because the WSOP Asia-Pacific takes place in Australia you sometimes forget about the Asia part of the Asia-Pacific moniker.

But the fact is the WSOP APAC gives a chance for Asian poker players to win WSOP bracelets without having to travel all the way to North America.

That’s exactly what happened today when Jay Loo outlasted 215 players to win Event 2 $2,000 No-Limit Hold’em for $107,500.

It’s the first time a Malaysian player has ever won a WSOP bracelet.

Loo might have had some extra incentive because it looks like he won’t be able to play on PokerStars anytime soon thanks to company pulling out of the market.

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