WSOP 3-Bet: Topless Victory, Accidental Bracelet, Sketchy Hellmuth

Yours for just $1,500.

The PokerListings WSOP 3-Bet is a burgeoning farmer's tan, a tuft of chest hair and one icy, unforgettable afternoon poker news nip slip.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the naked joy of World Series of Poker victory, an accidental poker tourist feel-good story and a questionable Hellmuth-inspired auction on eBay.

1) Greenwood and Pals, Bared

We remember when this became a thing a few years ago with Pascal Lefrancois.

Sam Greenwood carried on the topless victory shot tradition with gusto last night as he and pals whipped their shirts off for his bracelet pic after his win in Event #22, $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em.

Must be a Canadian thing. Although it was clearly much to the chagrin of one girl in the photo. Kudos to Bluff for the great shot:

2) 2-7 Field Says "Thanks, Old Guy. Thanks a Lot"

The old "chip and a chair" chestnut is worked to death in poker media so thankfully we've got a brand new twist on the ultimate poker turnaround story.

Easy game, 2-7.

Minnesota poker pro Christian Pham accidentally bought in to the 2-7 Single Draw event at the WSOP on Wednesday and only realized when he sat down and was dealt five cards in the first hand.

He meant to register for the $1,500 Hold'em event. He'd literally never played a hand of 2-7 before. And once the cards were dealt, he couldn't unregister.

He folded the first 15 hands or so and had the rules explained to him by a kind older gentleman beside him.

Then he went on to win to defeat the entire field of 219 for $81,314 and his first career WSOP bracelet. Poker. What a game. Full details on his win here.

3) Sketchy at Best

Willing to pay $1,500 on eBay for an artistically questionable signed sketch of Phil Hellmuth and Mike Gorodinsky during Hellmuth's run to bracelet #14?

No? What if we told you it would go to pay for a "soon-to-break-through international thriller author"/poker blogger's $1,500 buy-in Monster Stack buy-in?

Hello? Hello?













WSOP Bonus Min-Bets:

1) NFL Has Confusing Ideas on Appropriate Off-Field Activities

Well, guess we won't be seeing any NFLers beyond Richard Seymour at the 2015 WSOP:

Three Miami Dolphins were also recently banned from playing in a charity poker tournament in Florida because of the NFL's anti-gambling policy, which Lol.

2) Anybody Using a PhunkeeDuck at the Rio yet? J.R. Smith Might Have One For Sale

J.R. Smith is the worst (who does this before a critical NBA Finals game?) but he has unintentionally shown us the perfect solution to beating the lines to the bathroom on breaks.

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