WSOP 3-Bet: Sindelar Pedigree, Brazil Solidarity, Newhouse Set Free

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Today in the 3-Bet we find dig a little deeper into the new November Nine to find Dan Sindelar's World Champion pedigree, Bruno Politano's national identity and a second chance for Mark Newhouse to change his life forever.

1) Dan Sindelar: Quiet Crusher

The more we find out about the 2014 November Nine the more we think this might be the most intriguing group of poker players we've seen yet.

Past the pure awesomeness of Foosball World Champ (and poker amateur) Billy Pappas being involved there's also the curious case of Daniel Sindelar.

A virtual unknown to the tournament world prior to the Main Event it turns out Sindelar has quite the impressive poker background.

A native Nebraskan-turned-Las-Vegas-poker pro Sindelar actually has a very storied history both live and online under the nicknames dsindy/sindy2.

One of the first big $10/$20 NL grinders he eventually moved up to $100/$200 and crushed big names like Mike Matusow and Daniel Negreanu.

As an added nod to his genetic lineage, Sindelar wouldn't even be the first World Champion in his family. His Dad Bill is a Masters World Champion in powerlifting. So take that. More from Dan in a sitdown with PokerListings in Las Vegas yesterday:

2) Bruno Politano: "It's a Country's Dream Come True"

Another member of the November Nine it's hard not to love? Brazilian Bruno Politano.

The first Brazilian to ever make the November Nine Politano says it's more than just a great moment for himself - it's a great moment for the whole country.

"Brazil is a community of brothers," he told us yesterday in Las Vegas. "Everybody supports everybody. Brazilian guys rail for the other, pray for the other. If you are good, everybody's good. It's a powerful moment for Brazilians."

If you caught a glimpse of Politano's rail yesterday - or any rail when a Brazilian player is involved - you know exactly what he's talking about.

He'll be the short stack coming in but he'll bring a lot more to the table (and crowd) than just 12m in clay chips. More from our sitdown yesterday below:

3) Mark Newhouse: "I Got a Shot at Some Real Freedom"

Who would have thought Mark Newhouse would get TWO shots at the World Series of Poker November Nine?

Not us. Not anyone. Not even Newhouse himself. Not because he's not a great player; simply because the math on it actually happening in 6,500+-player fields is astronomical.

But he's here. He's calm. He's better positioned than last time. And, importantly, he knows how lucky he is to get another shot at financial freedom.

Isn't that what we all play poker for, after all? More from Newhouse on his accomplishment below:

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