WSOP 3-Bet: Selbst Busts $50k, $7k Bracelet, Bilzerian AMA?

Vanessa Selbst
Not this time.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a last-minute bid that steals the show of the afternoon poker news auction.

You can always make suggestions for future 3-Bet pieces in the comments section below.

In today’s WSOP 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Vanessa Selbst bowing out early from the $50k PPC, another bracelet on eBay and a potential Dan Bilzerian AMA.

1) Five Down in $50k PPC Including Vanessa Selbst

Phil Galfond
Phil Galfond also hit the rail in the $50k PPC.

The $50k Poker Players Championship may be the preferred tournament of choice for veteran poker players but it’s certainly not the event for any fan that wants to see a ton of bustouts.

Day 1 of the PPC saw only five players bust including Vanessa Selbst, Sergii Baranov, Dan Shak, Phil Galfond and Michael Glick.

Selbst wasn’t the only woman in the tournament and Melissa Burr will keep the dream alive when action resumes later today.

Burr has turned into one of the breakout stars at this year’s WSOP with two final-table appearances and a ninth-place finish in the 6-Max Dealer’s Choice event for just over $100k in WSOP earnings.

She could seriously increase her profit at the 2014 WSOP with a deep run in the PPC. Registration remains open but at this point there are 85 players which means first should pay well over $1 million.

2) WSOP Bracelet for $7k on eBay

It’s a trend that never seems to end. Yet another WSOP bracelet has popped up on eBay with a starting price of $7,000.

It’s from 2007 but there’s no information about what event it’s from or who is putting it up for auction.

Learn to rotate.

Every time one of these things pops up a bunch of the same questions always come to mind.

1. What happened to all that money from winning it?

2. Who actually buys a WSOP bracelet?

3. Why are the photos always upside down?

So who does the bracelet really belong to? Who knows.

There were an awful lot of bracelet winners that year including Bill Edler, James Mackey, Allen Cunningham and Tom Schneider.

Heck, even Phil Hellmuth won a bracelet that year but we have our doubts this one belongs to Hellmuth.

3) Will Dan Bilzerian Do An AMA on Reddit?

This guy.

He’s been called the most interesting man in the world and now rabid Redditors are clambering to have billionaire/poker player Dan Bilzerian do an Ask Me Anything on Reddit.

Earlier today the AMA request made the top 10 on the popular social networking site.

As usual the reactions to Bilzerian are a tad bit polarizing with people split between the “Dan Bilzerian is a god” to “Dan Bilzerian is the worst person alive” at the moment.

The top questions for Bilzerian if he does decide to do the AMA are the following:

  • What happened during SEAL training that consequently removed you from the course?
  • If not a venture capitalist and poker player, what do you think you would be doing with your life?
  • Favorite gun you own?
  • What is the best thing about your life?
  • What routine do you have to maintain that epic straight-jaw beard?

Personally we’d add our own, which would be: “Why aren’t you going to play the $1 million buy-in Big One for One Drop?”

It’s anyone’s guess as to whether Bilzerian will actually do an AMA but he actually did do a few Q&As on TwoPlusTwo Poker Forum a few years ago if you need your Blitz fix.

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