WSOP 3-Bet: Runner Trailer, Bracelet Hunting, Mega Beat

Runner Runner
Affleck and Timberlake take on internet poker.

The WSOP 3-Bet is a perfect one-outer that triggers the six-figure mega bad-beat jackpot in the late night poker news cash game.

Today in the 3-Bet we bring you the long-awaited trailer for Runner Runner, the first cut in a new video series from Jason Somerville plus news of a $914k mega bad-beat jackpot at Planet Hollywood.

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1) Runner Runner Trailer Shows Way Too Much

Movie trailers these days are getting completely out of control. At two and half minutes the trailer for the new poker-themed movie from the writers of Rounders feels more like a short film than a teaser.

While it doesn't look entirely bad it's safe to say this isn't the second coming of Rounders we were all hoping for.

What we are looking forward to are serviceable poker scenes from Brian Koppelman and David Levien, who proved they know the game well enough to write about it when Rounders came out back in 1998.

Check out the trailer below but be warned, you'll feel like you've seen the movie by the end of it.

2) Jason Somerville Kicks Off New 'Bracelet Hunting' Web Series

WSOP bracelet winner Jason Somerville showed us he's got some skills in video production last fall when he produced the series The Final Table.

He followed October Niner Russell Thomas as he prepared for the biggest final table of his life, the WSOP Main Event finale.

Russell ended up busting in fourth for $2.8 million but it was the inside look we got at the lives of poker pros that got us fired up.

Somerville's new series will feature Jason Mercier and Dan O'Brien with the first episode coming to you from their fancy RV parked outside of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

Check it below and stay tuned to Somerville's website for new installments.

3) Quad Aces Over Quad Kings Triggers Mega Beat Jackpot

Ever asked yourself why you're in a Las Vegas poker room at 7am on a Tuesday morning?

Most of the time you'd be right to slap yourself in the face a few times and GTFO but this week would have been the exception.

Planet Hollywood
917,000 reasons to play poker at Planet Hollywood at 7am on a Tuesday.

Earlier this week Jungok “Sarah” Whang picked up pocket aces and got all-in against German Robert Kopke who held pocket kings.

The flop fell A-A-K, giving Whang quads and Kopke a set.

If that's where it ended it would have been nothing more than aces beating kings, but the case king hit the turn and triggered the massive Mega Beat Jackpot.

The progressive jackpot was at $914,474. Kopke snagged 20 per cent of the pot, worth $182,952, while Whang took $91,477.

The rest was split between the 107 other people playing in Caesars Casino poker rooms. That worked out to $5,982 per person.

Read the full story in the Las Vegas Sun.

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