WSOP 3-Bet: Piece of Seidel, ElkY Sips €9k Wine, BrokeLivingFamily

Jean-Robert Bellande

Vanessa Selbst and Steve Billirakis both have a shot at a third bracelet but that’s certainly not the only thing that happened WSOP last night.

The WSOP Daily 3-Bet breaks down three underreported, entertaining stories that may, or may not, have a ton to do with what’s actually happening in the tournaments. 

In today’s WSOP 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Erik Seidel opening up his One Drop action, ElkY’s sick Paris brag and an incredible offer from Jean-Robert Bellande’s brother.

1) Get Some Seidel in the Big One

Erik Seidel
Erik Seidel

Gotta love the super-duper high-roller Big One for One Drop.

Normally heavy hitters like Daniel Negreanu, Doyle Brunson and Phil Hellmuth wouldn’t be caught dead Tweeting requests to be staked in a tournament but a $1-million buy-in changes things.

Erik Seidel is the latest player to brave the Twittersphere looking for someone to buy a percentage of his action.

Seidel apparently has less than 30% available (that’s under $300,000) and wants to sell a minimum of 1% to each person (that’s $10,000).

If you’re going by Seidel’s stats in high-roller tournaments than he might be one of the better investments in the Big One (although to be fair there are a lot of amazing players in there).

Seidel has won millions playing super-high roller tournaments with four outright victories and numerous final tables.

The former New Yorker has $20 million in lifetime tournament earnings and if he were to win this year’s Big One for One Drop that number could conceivably jump to an almost-unthinkable $40 million.

Here’s Seidel’s Tweet about the Big One if you care to grab a piece of the action:

2) ElkY Missing from WSOP, Doing Alright in Paris


So Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier ran into a significant obstacle in attending the WSOP when he lost his passport in Toronto.

The famed French Poker player won’t be getting a replacement one until the end of June so he’s essentially locked out of the first half of the 2014 WSOP.

The thing is that the Grospellier seems to be doing OK in Paris while waiting for his new passport.

Last night he Tweeted a photo of a wine he was drinking that was bottled in 1893. Safe to say the bottle was a little pricey at €9,000.

Grospellier is going to have to put together some quick wins when he arrives at the WSOP later this summer if he wants to keep drinking 100+ year-old wine.

elky wine

3) All in the BrokeLiving Family

This is priceless.

Apparently Jean-Robert Bellande isn’t the only member of the Bellande family that is looking for a stake these days.

With Jean-Robert Bellande apparently still flush from that big Dan Bilzerian home game, brother Reggy wasn’t afraid to ask for some help getting into a $550 tournament.

Reggy Bellande’s terms are pretty amazing, however. See below:


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