WSOP 3-Bet: Ivey Frenzy, Hellmuth Friendsy, Paul Pierce Hangs In

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a deep breath, a cup of chamomile tea and a genuine handshake to congratulate your afternoon poker news rival.

Want the latest buzz from the tournament floor at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas? Here's where you'll find it.

Today in the 3-Bet we find the poker world buzzing - and betting - on the potential for a deep Phil Ivey Main Event run, Phil Hellmuth Version 2 seems like he's here to stay despite an early exit from the Main and NBA legend Paul Pierce hangs on to make Day 3.

1) Ivey Leads After Day 2; Betting Frenzy Begins

Phil Ivey
Would you bet against Ivey right now?

A total of 6,683 players started out five days ago in the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event. Just under 2,000 players - 1,864 to be exact - are left.

Who's leading them all?

Phil f'ing Ivey. Seriously. What this guy can do at the poker table really seems to know no bounds.

Ivey bagged up 505,000 in chips to take the overall lead into Day 3 of the Main Event today.

As if that wasn't scintillating enough, the real action hounds in poker are now circling to get the big money flying.

Rumor has it Mike "Timex" McDonald is taking bets about a potential Ivey FT/Main Event win and there seems to be no shortage of takers:

If we've learned anything this WSOP, or over the course of Ivey's career, it's never bet against him. Or if you do, prepare for the sweat of your life.

Stay tuned - this. is. going. to. be. good. Stay especially tuned in right here on PokerListings where we'll follow Ivey like a hawk and answer any requests you have (seriously - try us. We'll find out anything for you).

2) Phil Hellmuth Version 2 Here to Stay?

The Poker Brat is officially done for the 2014 WSOP after busting out late on Day 2 yesterday.

What seems to be sticking around, though? The new softer, gentler Phil Hellmuth - aka PHV2.

Normally a fireball of emotions after busting - and especially after busting the premier event of the year - Hellmuth returned to the scene of the bust yesterday to shake a few hands and take a few pictures:

Phil has always had his moments of sportsmanship but it seems this time the lessons of the last 20 years in poker are really taking hold.

It'll be somewhat sad to see the old Hellmuth disappear completely - some of the greatest lines in poker history have come in the throes of a Hellmuth meltdown - but it's great to see a true poker legend carry himself like one.

Let's hope for a deep run at the WSOP APAC in the fall. We're all better off with a good Hellmuth sweat.

3) The Truth Shall Set Poker Free

Paul Pierce

Of all the celebs and sportsman to take on the World Series of Poker every year few make it past the early throngs of Day 1.

Even fewer make it past Day 2 -- and if they do, they rarely seem to have much potential to go any further.

Former (soon-to-be-again?) Boston Celtic Paul "The Truth" Pierce, though ... there's something about him this year that has a bit of magic to it.

A regular at the WSOP for the past few years Pierce seems to have put the experience to good use as he's moved on to Day 3.

He's low in chips at 48,600, but there's something about his gameface these past few days that hints at a move or two today. Still a longshot, but how great would it be to see him on to Day 4? Or further?

The mind reels at the possibilities. Check for Pierce updates throughout the day starting at 12 noon here.

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