WSOP 3-Bet: Hellmuth Goes Full Brat, $1m Romanello, New MC Hotdog Vid

Living up to the Brat name.

The PokerListings WSOP 3-Bet is a collection of three perfectly-selected club bangers that are sure to get every poker fan on the floor of the afternoon poker news disco.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Phil Hellmuth finally breaking out the brat persona, Roberto Romanello offering up some Big One action and the best PokerStars promo video of all time.

1) Hellmuth Berates Duhamel in $10k HORSE

Jonathan Duhamel
Duhamel knows how to handle Hellmuth.

You can only keep a good brat down for so long.

Phil “Poker Brat” Hellmuth has been remarkably quiet this WSOP but finally blew his lid according to the $10k HORSE live updates last night.

Apparently Hellmuth went from 200,000 chips to busto in 45 minutes thanks to the efforts of fellow former world champion Jonathan Duhamel.

Of course Hellmuth went on a tirade complaining to anyone who would listen (Greg Mueller was his primary victim) about how Duhamel took all his chips.

Lee Goldman, who was also at the table, praised Duhamel for keeping his cool after Hellmuth went on a nearly hour-long tirade.

Duhamel responded simply via Twitter, “PH gonna PH.”

The French Canadian actually ended up busting quietly later in the evening while Tommy Hang grabbed the overnight chip lead with 757,000.

Meanwhile it’s on to the next one for Phil Hellmuth who has two cashes in this year’s WSOP including a runner-up finish in the $1.5k Razz.

2) Roberto Romanello has the Best One Drop Offer for You

Roberto Romanello

There are tons of poker players trying to sell action for the $1 million buy-in Big One for One Drop but Roberto Romanello has the best offer yet.

The Welshman announced via Twitter that he’d be willing to play the event if one businessman bought him in for the full $1 million with the hashtag: #freeroll.

He’s joking of course but if you have $1 million that’s burning a hole in your pocket then we’re pretty sure he’d be willing to saddle up for the big dance.

Don’t have the full million? Might we interest you in Jason Mercier, who just might be the best deal in One Drop at $10,500 for 1%.

Here’s the original Tweet:

3) PokerStars Drops the Sickest Taiwan Promo Ever

It’s not exactly related to the WSOP but the new PokerStars Taiwan promo cannot be ignored.

Apparently PokerStars occasionally sponsors MC Hotdog to play in Macau events so they decided to tap into his rap skills to produce a music video for the area.

The result, which is imply titled “Poker Star”, has to be watched. They’ve got a killer hook there with “Poker Star, Poker Star, Poker Star.”

Check it out below:

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