WSOP 3-Bet: Doyle Super Senior, Timoshenko Thrives, 2x Streak x2

Doyle Brunson

The Daily WSOP 3-Bet is a 4 am wakeup, a big bowl of metamucil and all the daily afternoon poker fiber one can take.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the Godfather of Poker holding court with his peers, Jovial Gent rounds into form in the Extended Play and a surprising WSOP streak continues into Year 16.

1) Brunson Makes Old Folks' Day

Doyle Brunson
Undoubted bucket-list moment for many.

It's a moment poker fans the world over wait for every year.

And as he gets older WSOP tournament appearances become rarer and rare for the Godfather of Poker Doyle Brunson.

Usually it's a showpiece event like the $50k Players Championship or Main Event that finally draws Doyle from the cash games but this year it was a brand new event that did the trick.

That event? The new $1,000 Super Seniors Event for players over the age of 65.

Normally one to avoid the long tournament hours and low buy-ins it seems the pull of playing with one's peers is the ultimate draw in the end.

Brunson was eliminated before the end of the day but we imagine that was his preference, anyway. And he more than likely made it the experience of a lifetime for his lucky tablemates.

Don't expect to see him in the $50k PPC but the Main Event should be in play. At least we hope. Check the full run down of his day here.

2) Yevgeniy Timoshenko Loves Extended Play

Yevgeniy Timoshenko
Slow or fast, Timoshenko's game plays.

It used to be a running joke that Yevgeniy "JovialGent" Timoshenko was one of the slowest players ever on the poker circuit.

Those habits have clearly changed for the faster over the past few years, though, with even a huge Turbo win on his resume to prove it.

Still it wasn't too much of a shock to see Timoshenko's game has thrived in an event like the new $1,500 Extended Play.

With full 90-minute levels instead of the usual 60 it clearly sets up well for pros who know how to wait patiently for their edge do the work and to find the best spots.

With just 115 players left from the 1,940 that started that's clearly evident at the top of the counts, too, as Timoshenko leads a star-studded field into Day 3 today.

Right behind Timoshenko is uber-pro Antonio Esfandiari in second. Rising star Patrick Leonard also sits in the top 5. Justin Zaki, Konstantin Puchkov, Martins Adeniya, Anatoly Filatov and Jonathan Little also return with top 45 stacks.

Check the full rundown of yesterday's action and tune in for live updates starting at 1 pm PT here.

3) Hastings, Pescatori Keep 2x Bracelet Winner Streak Alive

Brian Hastings
2x in 10 days for Hastings.

Here's a pretty fascinating World Series of Poker stat that gets more astonishing each year it carries on:

Since the year 2000 there has been at least one poker player every summer who has won more than one bracelet.

Brian Hastings assured that streak would continue in 2015 when he won his second bracelet in 10 days on Saturday night.

Max Pescatori doubled down on the double-bracelet winners when he won his second of the summer last night in the $10k Stud.

Astounding, really, given how big/tough the fields are and the amount of variance you have to fade to win a bracelet twice.

We won't even get into the run-good/felt dominance required to win three times in a summer like Jeff Lisandro did in 2009 or Phil Ivey did in 2002.

The full list of multiple-bracelet winners from 2000-2014 is nicely summarized on Hard-Boiled Poker here.

Anyone willing to bet against a Pescatori or Hastings three-peat in 2015? Probably not.

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