WSOP 3-Bet: Cajelais Close, Roulette Fake, All Isildur1

The Final Table
The 2012 WSOP is almost halfway done.

Day 25 is done at the 2012 World Series of Poker with two more bracelets awarded and ongoing action in three other events.

Today in the WSOP 3-Bet we bring you a close call for Erik Cajelais in the $2,500 Mixed Hold’em event, new information in the reported 114 billion to 1 roulette shot at the Rio plus a preview of exclusive Viktor Blom coverage in the $10k PLO tomorrow.

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Tryba Wins with Straight Flush, Cajelais Runner-Up

Chris Tryba
Chris Tryba defeated Erik Cajelais to win his first bracelet tonight.

All eyes were on Phil Ivey when the final table of Event 35, $2,500 Mixed Hold’em, kicked off but long after Ivey bowed out in eighth Chris Tryba won his first WSOP gold bracelet.

Extremely muscled Canadian pro Erik Cajelais finished runner-up, narrowly missing the second bracelet of his career.

The heads-up match between Tryba and Cajelais lasted just one hand, but there was no shortage of drama.

Cajelais was on the button and raised, getting a call and seeing a flop of Q 9 4. Tryba check-called the flop and the J hit the turn. Again Tryba bet and Cajelais called, making way for the 8 river.

Tryba checked one final time and Cajelais thought for a moment before announcing all-in. Tryba leapt from his seat, calling and tabling 9 T for the straight flush.

Cajelais had K T for the turned straight.

Tryba took down $210,107 for the win while Cajelais walked with $129,766.

Here are the final table results:

  • 1. Chris Tryba - $210,107
  • 2. Erik Cajelais - $129,766
  • 3. Salman Behbehani - $93,842
  • 4. Joep van den Bijgaart - $68,576
  • 5. Michael Gathy - $50,640
  • 6. Samuel Golbuff - $37,793
  • 7. Brent Wheeler - $28,494
  • 8. Phil Ivey - $21,699
  • 9. Michael Foti - $16,692
It turns out this was just the result of a diagnostic test.

114 Billion to 1 Rio Roulette Shot Was a Fake

Yesterday poker player Jeff Romano snapped a photo of a roulette wheel that had apparently hit the same number seven times in a row, a roughly 114 billion to 1 occurrence.

The photo Romano posted was quickly passed around online but as it turns out, the repeating number was just the result of a diagnostic test.

"There was no one playing at that table," Rio Las Vegas Hotel & Casino spokesman Gary Thompson told The Detroit News. "It was just a diagnostic test being done."

Considering that 12 out of 16 spins were either a 19s or 20s it’s not too surprising.

So basically if you were considering converting your live savings into poker chips and hunting down that roulette table to drop a big bet on 19, you should probably think twice.

Get the full story at the Detroit News.

All Isildur1 All the Time in $10k PLO

This year’s $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Championship kicks off at noon and to celebrate one of the most entertaining PLO players of all time, we’re going to dedicate our coverage to Viktor “Isildur1” Blom.

The young Swedish high-stakes superstar has played a number of events so far this summer, most recently the $10k HORSE, but has yet to get much done.

Viktor Blom
We're taking a chance by committing to covering only Isildur1 in the $10k PLO.

The only result so far for Isildur1 is a min-cash in a $1,500 No-Limit event.

But Blom has supplied ample evidence over the last few years that he’s one of the most dangerous PLO players on the planet.

While we’re not 100% sure Blom will play in the tournament all the evidence points to yes. So we’re going out on a limb and calling it right now. We will cover Isildur1 until he busts in the $10k PLO.

And that’s taking a risk, considering our track record this summer committing to coverage gimmicks like this one.

The first mishap came when we tried to cover just the women in a low buy-in PLO/NLH heads-up event early this summer. Only two women entered, one of which being Annette Obrestad who got a bye in her first round.

Next we tried to cover Doyle Brunson in the $10k HORSE. Tex Dolly had tweeted that he’d be playing but was forced to reroute to the hospital in lieu of playing.

And finally we attempted to cover just UK pros in the $5k Six-Max PLO. Unluckily for us a massive group of big-name Brits skipped the tournament and went to Lake Mead to go jet-skiing.

But trust us, tomorrow will be different.

Check our WSOP 2012 Live Coverage section at noon for all Isildur1 all the time.

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