WSOP 3-Bet: Boudreau Back, Devilfish HOF, Tonight Show to WSOP

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Comedy writer J.R. Havlan

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In today’s WSOP 3-Bet we’ll take a look at the inspirational journey of Kevin “Phwap” Boudreau, the case for Devilfish in the HOF and an Emmy-winning comedy writer set to play the Main Event.

1) Kevin “Phwap” Boudreau Officially Back at WSOP

Kevin Boudreau
Kevin Boudreau

Now for some news that will be universally liked by all poker players:

Kevin “Phwap” Boudreau — two years removed from a life-threatening stroke and brain hemorrhage that occured during dinner break at the WSOP — got back in the game last night.

Boudreau took a seat in the $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em.

It wasn’t his first time back at a poker table, however, as he famously finished fourth in a Mid-Stakes Poker Tour Colorado event last year for $34,678. He also played a Sit & Go with friends at the Rio last summer.

It’s incredibly considering Boudreau nearly died and doctors thought it was unlikely he would ever walk or talk again.

2) Push for Devilfish to Be Inducted into Poker HOF

David Ulliott
Gone but not forgotten.

We’re hearing more and more poker players advocating for the late David “Devilfish” Ulliott to be inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame.

The colorful Brit may not have the results of some of his peers but he undoubtedly had one of the biggest personalities in the history of the game so there’s a legitimate argument to be made.

One of Ulliott’s biggest proponents is Irish poker legend Padraig Parkinson who has been sharing stories about the Devilfish on his blog.

In his latest post Parkinson recounted Devilfish’s memorable WSOP victory against Men “The Master” Nguyen where The Master was forced to take a break with only one chip remaining. Ulliott made a joke about Nguyen using that time to re-think his strategy.

Parkinson thought Nguyen might have a heart attack he was so mad:

The crowd absolutely loved it. Even without the heart attack. Of course it almost went horribly wrong as a furious Men doubled up a few times after the break before making the mistake of getting it in with the best hand. The whole show was hilarious, Devilfish was in a class of his own when it came to making people laugh. And that’s why he will be remembered years after the robots have been forgotten.

3) Emmy-Winning Writer J.R. Havlan to Play Main Event

The 2015 WSOP Main Event is getting at least one new face this year.

Emmy-winning comedy writer J.R. Havlan, who currently works on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and previously wrote for The Daily Show, will play the Main Event for the first time this year.

So how did he get the buy-in? Havlan actually explains in the very slick video below:

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