WSOP 3-Bet: Benger Build, White Slingshot, WSOP Withdrawal

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an inside lane, a fresh set of tires and a textbook bump draft down the final afternoon poker news straightaway.

Want the latest buzz coming from the floor of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas? Here's where it's at.

Today in the 3-Bet we find PokerListings fav Griffin Benger "griffining" his way to the top 20 of the Main Event, NASCAR driver Jason White pulls away from the Paul Pierce slipstream into Day 4 and Main Event bustees feel the onset of poker withdrawal.

1) Benger Top 20; Likely Griffining

Griffin Benger
Flush_Entity in command.

Truth be told we're not 100% sure what "griffining" means. Something with Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III, we think.

But it does make for a great hashtag/t-shirt if your name happens to be Griffin.

Whatever PokerListings favorite Griffin Benger - he of the aforementioned adopted catchphrase and subject in our Easy Game mini-doc series - is doing in the 2014 WSOP Main Event, though, it's working.

"Griffining" his way through minefield after minefield on Day 3 yesterday Benger ended the day with a 792,500-chip stack - good for 19th overall.

With just 746 players remaining and the money bubble appraoching Benger is in very good position to take advantage wth some power poker.

As one of the best online poker players in history (look up "Flush_Entity" if you doubt that) and with an EPT High Roller title under his belt, Benger has the perfect combination of live and online experience to turn the rnext few days into something magical.

We'll have our eyes on him in our WSOP Live Updates. May the Griffining be plentiful.

2) NASCAR's Jason White Makes Day 4

We admit it. We were starry eyed yesterday with the run of NBA legend Paul Pierce.

A deep run by Pierce would've had the mainstream sports world buzzing and, truly, it was a pleasure to watch him play with joy and respect for the game.

While The Truth was hogging our spotlight, though, another top athlete was busy grinding his way on to Day 4 in the Pierce slipstream. That athlete? NASCAR driver Jason White, who we featured here just a few days ago.

An avid poker fan White is the first NASCAR driver to take a stab at the WSOP Main Event and he's more than holding his own, heading into Day 4 tomorrow with a small but workable stack of 134k.

Already working with some tips from last year's runner-up Jay Farber, White picked up some pointers from poker superstars Phil Hellmuth and Brian Rast yesterday too:

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Best of luck to White on Day 4; follow along with our Live Updates to check his progress today.

3) WSOP Withdrawal Sets in

For almost all of the 6,000 bustees so far in the Main event, what Todd Brunson and Fabrice Soulier said:

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