WSOP 2009 by the numbers

Greg Mueller doubles up
Greg Mueller and his pair

2009 might be forever remembered as the summer of multiple bracelets. Although every year since 2000 has seen one player with two bracelets, there's never been a year quite like this.

First, Brock Parker (infamous on PokerStars under the handle t_soprano) won a pair by taking down bracelets in back-to-back six-handed Hold'em events.

After winning his first bracelet of 2009, Phil Ivey shocked the poker world by claiming he would win a second in under two weeks. He accepted any bet players were willing to throw at him then made good on his claim, winning his second just 10 days after the first.

If you hadn't heard the name Lisandro before the 2009 WSOP, you've heard it now. Not only was Jeffrey "The Stud King" Lisandro the third player to win a second bracelet in 2009, he became the first to win a third. All three of his bracelets have come from 7-Card variations.

Finally, the latest player to double down was Full Tilt Pro Greg "FBT" Mueller. Mueller, whose nickname is an acronym for "Full Blown Tilt," has managed to keep his tilt under control, making 2009 the year he won both his first and second WSOP bracelets.

The Dominance of the U.S and A

When it comes to the race for bracelets by country, the USA has absolutely decimated the rest of the globe. With 33 won so far, the USA has almost double the number of bracelets than the rest of the world combined.

Nation Bracelets
United States 33
Canada 3
United Kingdom 3
Australia 2
Russian Federation 1
Finland 1
Sweden 1
Mexico 1
Italy 1
Holland 1
Hungary 1
Iran 1
Germany 1

Note: Last year 19 of the 59 gold bracelet events were won by non-Americans.

Year of the Pro

Most likely due to the increased starting stack sizes and added blind levels, 2009 has seen the poker professionals dominating over the amateurs. Out of the 51 bracelets awarded this year, 37 have been won by professionals and 7 by semi-professionals.

More WSOP 2009 By the Numbers (Note: all following stats exclude event #49):

Most Cashes:

Darryll Fish 7
Fabrice Soulier 6
Jeffrey Lisandro 6
Daniel Negreanu 6
Brock Parker 6
Anthony Cousineau 6
David Fox 6
Barry Greenstein 6
Mitchell Schock 5
John Monnette 5
Ville Wahlbeck 5
Roland DeWolfe 5
Neil Channing 5
Nikolay Evdakov 5
Alexander Kravchenko 5
Phil Ivey 5
Robert Mason 5
Michael Binger 5
Ken Lennaard 5
Clark Hamagami 5

Most Final Table Appearances:

Mark Gregorich 3
John Juanda 3
Jeffrey Lidandro 3
Greg Mueller 3
Phil Ivey 3
Ville Wahlbeck 3


Most Events Played:

Nikolay Evdakov 33
Nikolay Isra 32
Jacobo Fernandez 29
Daniel Negreanu 28
Andrew Black 28
Erick Lindgren 28
Amnon Filippi 28
Daniel Heimiller 27
Soheil Shamseddin 27
Andy Bloch 27
Gavin Smith 27
Tad Jurgens 26
Frank Kassela 26
Marco Traniello 26
Richard Geyer 26
Michael Binger 25
Jason Mercier 25
Chris Bjorin 25
Shannon Shorr 25
David Singer 25
Ryan Hughes 25
Berry Johnston 25
Michael Leah 25

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