WPT-winning actor stars as poker enthusiast in new series

2005 World Poker Tour (WPT) Invitational winner and Hollywood Poker celebrity player Tom Everett Scott, also known by his poker nickname "Tallboy," is set to star in "Saved," a new TNT series about an adrenaline junkie who works as an ambulance paramedic by day and plays Texas Hold'em at night.

Wyatt Cole, Scott's character on "Saved," is a self-destructive man with a lot of emotional and relationship issues to work out. He also happens to have a gambling addiction and runs up a huge poker debt by competing in late night poker games.

"My character does have a bit of a gambling problem. He's in debt, whereas I may have broken even," says Scott, 35, who defeated 238 poker pros and celebrities at the L.A. Poker Classic last February at the Commerce Casino.

Scott was awarded an official WPT Luxury Poker Chest for finishing first in the annual WPT Celebrity Pro-Am, and also received a $5,000 cheque for charity which he donated to Caring for Children and Families with AIDS.

Aside from WPT Season III, Scott has also appeared in "That Thing You Do," which was directed by Tom Hanks and co-starred Liv Tyler, as well as "One True Thing" with Meryl Streep and "Inherit the Wind" with Jack Lemmon. He has also been in "ER" and "Law & Order."

"Saved" is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, and is set to premiere on TNT Monday at 10 p.m.

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