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Day 5 Live Updates

02/28/2012 (3 years ago)

LAPC Final Set - Sands, Kelly, Somerville, Schwartz Headline

The nine-handed final table
A champion will be crowned tomorrow.

The final table of this year’s WPT LA Poker Classic is set and while Sean Jazayeri is in the lead, the limelight is shining on four big names.

East Coast rounder Noah Schwartz, WSOP bracelet winners Jason Somerville and Dan Kelly, plus online tournament crusher David “Doc” Sands represent the star power at the table while Jason Burt fills up the sixth seat.

Sands has had the swingiest day we’ve seen in a long time, going from the brink of bubbling the final table to second in chips in just a few short hands. Keep reading for the rest of that story.

And even though tomorrow’s roster is strong, we had to say goodbye to a few players we would have loved to see in the final six.

2005 world champion Joe Hachem went out in 12th, and seven-time WPT final tablist David Pham went out in 8th.

For the full rundown of the day’s action simply scroll down the page, but you’ll be able to find the details on the final elimination of the day in this update, plus the official chip counts.

Action begins tomorrow at 4pm and will be there to ship you updates until we have a winner.

Jason Somerville
Jason Somerville is gunning for his first WPT title.

Official Final Table Chip Counts

  • Sean Jazayeri – 4,380,000
  • David Sands – 4,010,000
  • Noah Schwartz – 3,850,000
  • Dan Kelly – 2,570,000
  • Jason Somerville – 840,000
  • Jason Burt – 835,000

Carter Gets Got (7th)

Former WPT champion Allen Carter is out on the bubble, and he got unlucky to go out.

The deciding hand was the same one that put David Sands back in this tournament, and it was a sight to behold.

It was a massive three-way all-in with queens for Carter, pocket tens for Dan Kelly and pocket sevens for Sands. It looked like Sands would be our final-table bubble boy but the deck had other plans.

A seven was all it took to triple up Sands and knock Carter down to about 1.2 million.

A few hands later Sands opened from the button with pocket jacks and Carter shoved from the big blind with pocket eights. Sands called and the board ran out with no improvement to either hand.

Allen Carter is out in 7th place, taking $155,480.

Average Stack
Players Left
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02/28/2012 (3 years ago)

Pham Exit Starts Final Table Bubble - LAPC

Day 5
David Pham gets coolered in 8th.

With seven players left we are on the final table bubble, and sadly it was David “The Dragon” Pham that went out in 8th to make it possible.

Since we last checked in we’ve lost four players and we’ve got the details on two of them below.

Pham’s exit was nothing extraordinary, just a case of running kings into aces preflop for all his chips, pretty standard really.

The other bustications have a little more depth.

Sean Jazayeri was the benefactor of the Dragon’s bust and thanks to those pocket aces he’s now the chip leader with roughly 6 million. Sitting in second is WSOP bracelet winner Dan Kelly with just over 3 million.

The rest of the pack is sitting below the 2 million mark but we’ve got full chip counts below, along with the aforementioned eliminations.

 The New Counts

  • Sean Jazayeri – 4,635,000
  • Dan Kelly – 4,200,000
  • Noah Schwartz – 3,850,000
  • Jason Somerville – 1,250,000
  • David Sands – 1,050,000
  • Allen Carter – 735,000
  • James Burt – 695,000

Two Kings Slay Dragon

Some hands just play themselves but judging by how much thought David Pham put into this hand, there might be a chance he was actually thinking of folding.

Sean Jazayeri opened to 100k and Pham re-popped to 350k from the big blind. Jazayeri was in middle position and put in a fourth bet to 950,000. Pham tanked for a few minutes before shipping it in for around 2.1 million.

Jazayeri insta-called and it was obvious he had aces. Pham had kings. The board offered zero sweat and Pham is gone in 8th for $110,680.

Stephen Chidwick Busts in 9th

Stephen Chidwick was the first one to hit the exit after the final table of nine was seated, getting it in bad with pocket nines against James Burt’s pocket jacks.

Burt open-shoved for roughly 850,000 and Chidwick called off for just a little less. The board touched neither hand and Chidwich takes $79,060 for 9th.

Average Stack
Players Left
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02/28/2012 (3 years ago)

As the Chips Turn: Somerville Takes Lead! - LAPC

Jason Somerville
Jason Somerville

The pace of eliminations may have slowed but one thing they're not doing at the LAPC is playing it safe.

A big pot just developed between former chip leader David Sands and new chip leader Jason Somerville.

You might be able to guess who came out on the right end.

Jason Dewitt opened the action with a raise and Somerville reraised in the small blind.

Sands shoved right over the top from the big and got a fold from Dewitt but Somerville called.

Sands's tens were in trouble against Somerville's kings and the board changed nothing.

Somerville's tweet report:

Doubled kk thru docsands tt. Got like 3.5m. 16.5m in play. 12 left

Somerville rocketed up to 3.5 million while Sands shrunk to 500k.

With just 12 big blinds left, Sands could be moving through the hourglass and on the rail shortly.

Hachem Hits the Bricks

Beating Sands to the rail is former WSOP Main Event champ Joe Hachem who open-shoved his last 700k from the button with eights.

Sean Jazayeri coincidentally found nines in the big blind and made the call.

The board ran out with no help for Hachem and his LAPC is over.

As Hachem tweeted:

Finished 12th, ran 88 into 99. For 15 bbs :( will talk more later

Joe Hachem
Hach marked for 12th.

He'll hit the cage and collect $60,610 for his solid 12th-place finish.

Top 6 Gets Shuffled

The huge pot between Somerville and Sands has had the most effect on the top 6 but the power has shifted over the last hour for a few players.

Here's the current top six as per the WPT with five more eliminations to go before it becomes official:

1. Jason Somerville 3,445,000

2. Sean Jazayeri 2,650,000

3. David Pham 2,585,000

4. Dan Kelly 2,020,000

5. Allen Carter 1,770,000

6. Noah Schwartz 1,350,000

Average Stack
Players Left
Tables Left
02/28/2012 (3 years ago)

Sands Asserts Control - LAPC

David Sands
Just what the doctor ordered

The eliminations slowed over the last hour but it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying as numerous players managed the pivotal double up.

Dan “djk123” Kelly’s grasp on the chip lead only lasted one level as David “Doc” Sands rocketed to the top with just over three million chips.

A lot of players have essentially traded chip stacks as Joe Hachem managed a big double up through Sean Jazayeri and Jason Somerville did the same against Jason Dewitt.

Somerville had sevens to Dewitt’s fours. The sevens held and Somerville doubled up to 1.1 million chips.

As Somerville tweeted:

Dbld! Won 77 vs 44 aipf. Got 1.08m now. Still 13 left

Meanwhile Hachem had the fortune of picking up pocket aces to Jazayeri’s pocket kings. After a dry board Hachem doubled up to 1.4 million chips.

Jazayeri was not the most well known player in the final 18 but he’s certainly shown no fear of gambling as the final table approaches.

The last level was limited to just one bustout as Elvis Huynh hit the rail in 13th place.

Huynh received $47,430 for his efforts.

Here’s a look at the top 10 chip counts courtesy of as we enter the next level of play:

David Sands – 3.1 million
Dan Kelly – 2.2 million
David Pham – 1.7 million
Sorel Mizzi – 1.5 million
Jason Somerville – 1.4 million
Jason Burt – 1.3 million
Noah Schwartz – 1.1 million
Jason Dewitt – 960,000
Joe Hachem – 865,000
Sean Jazayeri – 840,000

Average Stack
Players Left
Tables Left
02/28/2012 (3 years ago)

Dan Kelly Cracks Three Million - LAPC

Dan Kelly
King Kelly

The man they call djk123 became the first player to crack the three million-chip mark in the last level of play at the LAPC.

Dan Kelly has since fallen down to 2.7 million chips but he’s more than 600,000 ahead of his David Sands, his closest competitor.

Meanwhile serial qualifier Stephen Chidwick is making a serious drive to reach the top of the chip counts as he’s up to 1.7 million.

It’s been going the other way for Noah Schwartz, who’s down to 1.6 million.

The final table is getting dangerously close with just seven more eliminations to set the final six. Who wants it more?

Here’s a look at the latest action from the tournament floor.

A.J. Jejelowo Busts with A-J

Was A.J. Jejelowo named after Ace-Jack?

He better hope not because it was that hand that led to his ultimate demise here at the LAPC.

Jejelowo opened for 55,000, David Sands moved in for 1.6 million and Jejelowo made the call. It wasn’t the worst call as Sands flipped over 8 8 for a coin flip.

Unfortunately the flip didn’t go Jejelowo’s way.

Sands is up to 1.9 million after the hand while Jejelowo picks up $47,430 for finishing in 14th place.

Wilson Skips Out

Skip Wilson just hit the end of the line in his tournament. The savvy veteran was playing from the short stack and got it all-in with a less-than-ideal 9-6 off.

Sean Jazayeri, who’s had some incredible swings today, called with A 3.

It was the right call as there were no surprises the rest of the way.

Wilson is the first player to benefit from a pay jump today as he’ll receive $47,430 for coming in 15th place.


Here are the top 10 chip counts according to

Dan Kelly – 2,750,000
David Sands – 2,100,000
Noah Schwartz – 1,630,000
Stephen Chidwick – 1,510,000
David Pham – 1,340,000
Jason Dewitt – 1,300,000
Sorel Mizzi – 1,220,000
Jason Burt – 1,100,000
Sean Jazayeri – 1,000,000
Jason Somerville – 670,000

Average Stack
Players Left
Tables Left
02/28/2012 (3 years ago)

Mizzi Rising, Idema and Binger Out - LAPC

Sorel Mizzi
Imper1um march.

Dan Kelly has overtaken the chip in the first level on Day 5 of the LAPC but he better watch out because Sorel Mizzi is surging.

The Toronto-native, who was down to just 700 chips on Day 3, has doubled up and knocked two players out all in the first level of play. He’s up to 1.8 million and looking like a serious threat to make the final table.

Noah Schwartz hasn’t made any huge mistakes yet, however, and is now sitting on about 2 million chips.

In other news were down to 15 players as the final table is now nine players away. Hold on tight as the action refuses to let up at the Commerce.

Here’s a look at the notable incidents from the last hour:

Idema Goes Down

The penultimate day of the 2012 LAPC just got a lot less Canadian with the fall of Vancouverite Dan Idema.

It was once again Sorel Mizzi who did the damage as Idema got his short stack all in with J 3 to Mizzi’s Q Q.

The board didn't help and Idema was gone.

Idema has come painfully close to making the final table of two major events this year as he finished in eighth place at the 2012 Aussie Millions Main Event. The Aussie Millions final table is played out seven-handed.

He receives $39,530 for coming in 16th place.

Nick Binger
The better Binger?

Binger Banged

Sorel Mizzi is a one-man wrecking crew here at the LAPC.

His latest casualty is recent WSOP bracelet winner Nick Binger who decided to call off his stack with AK to Mizzi’s nines.

It was a classic race situation and this time the pair proved faster as Mizzi dodged any aces or kings.

Binger didn't seem too busted up by it however per his tweet:

Busted 17th in LAPC Main. AK<99 with 35bb vs Sorel. First tourny back after 3 months off, happy with my play & had fun playing the pokers

Nick, who’s brother is 2006 WSOP Main Event third place finisher Michael Binger, ends up finishing in 17th place for $39,530.

Mizzi was up to 1.8 million chips after the hand.

Martirosian Falls First

The lesser-known Shahen Martirosian is the first casualty here on Day 5.

Martirosian was extremely short and 3-bet shoved for 127,000 against Dan Kelly in his final hand.

Martirosian had 9 8 and couldn't beat Kelly's K 7.

He picked up $39,530 for his efforts while Dan Kelly is simply flying in the early stages of Day 5 with 2.3 million.

Mizzi Strikes Early

Online superstar Sorel Mizzi wasted no time getting started here on Day 5 of the LAPC.

In one of the first hands of the day Sean Jazayeri opened a pot for 55,000 from early position and Mizzi 3-bet to 112,000.

Jazayeri re-raised to 200,000 and that was enough to prompt a 700,000-chip shove from Mizzi. Jazayeri called but likely regretted it when Mizzi showed his hand.

Mizzi: K K

Jazayeri: 9 9

Things went from bad to worse for Jazayeri when a king hit on the flop. There were no miracles for Jazayeri on the turn or the river and that was enough to give Mizzi the checkmark.

You could almost hear the field groan as Mizzi, arguably one of the best players left in the tournament, is suddenly amongst the chip leaders with 1.4 million chips.


Here are the top 10 chip counts courtesy of

Dan Kelly – 2,370,000
Noah Schwartz – 2,030,000
Sorel Mizzi – 1,800,000
Jason Dewitt – 1,480,000
A.J. Jejelowo – 1,300,000
Stephen Chidwick – 1,290,000
David Pham – 1,120,000
Jason Somerville – 880,000
Sean Jazayeri – 770,000
Elvis Huynh – 710,000
Average Stack
Players Left
Tables Left
02/28/2012 (3 years ago)

Schwartz, Hachem, Kelly Look for Final Table as Day 5 Begins - LAPC

Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly looks to dethrone Noah Schwartz

It’s Day 5 of the 2012 WPT LAPC and the final 18 players all have a shot at making it into the final six.

One thing is all but guaranteed: We’re going to have a good final table.

The final 18 players are headlined by an elite group of grinders including Noah Schwartz, Dan Kelly, Jason Dewitt, Jason Somerville, David Pham, David “Doc” Sands, Joe Hachem and Sorel Mizzi.

That’s not even including other notable players like Nick Binger, Dan Idema and Stephen Chidwick.

It’s one of the most talented groups of players we’ve ever seen on Day 5 of a major tournament and the play down to the final table should be riveting.

Noah Schwartz has the chip lead with 1.77 million but online superstar Dan “djk123” Kelly is right behind him with 1.74 million.

Stephen Chidwick, Jason Dewitt, Jason Somerville, David Pham, David “Doc” Sands and Joe Hachem are all in the top 10 so they have a great chance to make the final table.

Here's how the chip stacks look at the start of the day:

1. Noah Schwartz 1,770,000

2. Dan Kelly 1,749,000

3. A.J. Jejelowo 1,573,000

4. Stephen Chidwick 1,450,000

5. Jason Dewitt 1,182,000

6. Sean Jazayeri 1,125,000

7. Jason Somerville 1,025,000

8. David Pham 855,000

9. David "Doc" Sands 819,000

10. Joe Hachem 700,000

11. Elvis Huynh 675,000

12. Skip Wilson 625,000

13. Jason Burt 609,000

14. Sorel Mizzi 600,000

15. Allen Carter 580,000

16. Nick Binger 565,000

17. Daniel Idema 433,000

18. Shahen Martirosian 226,000

Average Stack
Players Left
Tables Left

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