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Day 6 Live Updates

02/29/2012 (3 years ago)

Sean Jazayeri is the 2012 LAPC Champion!

Sean Jazayeri
Sean Jazayeri, 2012 LAPC champion.

This tournament is over and Sean Jazayeri is the newest WPT Champion! Jazayeri receives the title, $1.37 million and the opportunity to get his photo taken alongside dealers, staff, fans and Royal Flush Girls.

The match was more or less decided by the flip of a coin. Luckily for Jazayeri he was on the winning side.

He five-bet all-in with A-K and got called by Sands with pocket queens. An ace on the flop was all it took to ship Jazayeri the majority of the chips in play.

Left with about 2.5 million to Jazayeri's 14 million, Sands three-bet shoved K-Q from the big blind a few hands later. He was insta-called by Jazayeri who held A-5.

The flop brought a king and a five, putting Sands temporarily in front, but the river put another five on the felt, giving Jazayeri trips and making his victory official.

We're about to brave the media scrum to ask our champion a few questions so check back soon for photos and quotes of the new LAPC champ, Sean Jazayeri.

Here are the full final table payouts.

1st:  Sean Jazayeri - $1,370,240
2nd:  David Sands - $806,370
3rd:  Dan Kelly - $521,770
4th:  Noah Schwartz -  $355,750
5th:  Jason Burt - $252,980
6th:  Jason Somerville - $202,910

Victory Pics!

Check out these photos of the winner and check back in a few hours for the winner story with quotes.

Sean Jazayeri 4Sean Jazayeri 3Sean Jazayeri 5Sean Jazayeri 2Sean JazayeriHeads UpMarianela Pereyra2Royal Flush Girls
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02/29/2012 (3 years ago)

Jazayeri Doubles Big, Takes Lead - LAPC Final Table

Sean Jazayeri
The new boss.

Doc Sands looked to be in control of this match, until just moments ago.

Sean Jazayeri just won a massive preflop all-in race to cut Sands down to size and take a big step towards the winner's circle.

It was a five-bet shove from Jazayeri with A-K and a call from Sands with pocket queens that got the money in. An ace hit the flop and Sands was unable to redraw on the turn or river.

Jazayeri doubles to roughly 14 million while Sands is knocked down to 2.5 million.

Expect fireworks in the next few minutes.

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02/29/2012 (3 years ago)

Kelly Out, Heads-Up Begins at LAPC Final Table

Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly misses the second piece in his Triple Crown.

It’s only been about three hours since this final table started but we’re already down to heads-up play.

Dan Kelly is the unlucky player out in third, thanks to losing a big preflop all-in race against Doc Sands.

And it was a good thing for Sands he was the one to send Kelly packing, since he’ll need every chip he can get his hands on to wage one-on-one war with chip leader Sean Jazayeri.

Thanks to that pot Sands will enter the heads-up match with a slight chip lead over Sean Jazayeri.

Doc Sands – 9.47 million

Sean Jazayeri – 7 million

Dan Kelly Out in Third ($521,770)

Kelly 3-bet shoved from the big blind on his last hand, after Doc Sands had opened to 200k from the button. Kelly’s shove was for roughly 1.4 million total.

Sands thought for a moment before making the call and putting Kelly at risk.

Kelly: K J

Sands: 2 2

The board rolled out 4 4#74 3 and just like that Dan Kelly is out in third.

Dan Kelly takes $521,770 for third place at the 2012 WPT LA Poker Classic.

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02/29/2012 (3 years ago)

The Doc Orders a Double-Up and New Pics - LAPC Final Table

David Sands
I haz dubble-ups!

We're still three handed here at the LA Poker Classic final table but David "Doc" Sands has managed to gain some ground with a key double-up moments ago.

Dan Kelly opened from the small blind and Sands moved all-in from the big blind. Kelly insta-called with A-8 and saw he was out in front against K-9.

A king on the flop turned the tables and bricks on the turn and river made Doc's double official.

Here are the new counts after that hand:

  • Sean Jazayeri - 9,680,000
  • David Sands - 4,190,000
  • Dan Kelly - 2,600,000

LAPC Final Table Picture Gallery

Feast your eyes on the latest photos we've got from the LAPC final table.

LAPC Final TableMoney and Trophy at 2012 LAPCThe WPTs Royal Flush Girls2012 LAPC Final TableMike and Vince at 2012 LAPCMatt SavageMarianela PereyraThe WPTs Social Media Bar
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02/29/2012 (3 years ago)

Schwartz Out in Fourth - LAPC Final Table

Noah Schwartz
This was Noah Schwartz's third WPT final table.

We’ve barely been here for more than an hour and we’ve already lost half of this final table.

Noah Schwartz is the most recent bust, sent packing by his nemesis de jour Sean Jazayeri.

The blinds had just been raised to 40k/80k with a 10k ante when Jazayeri opened to 210k from under the gun. He got a call from Dan Kelly on the button.

Schwartz was on the button and three-bet shoved all-in. Jazayeri then re-shoved and Kelly got out of the way.

Schwartz: A J

Jazayeri: K K

The board ran out with no improvement to either hand and Noah Schwartz is out in fourth for $355,750.

New Counts

Sean Jazayeri is now in a commanding position. Check out the updated chip counts.

  • Sean Jazayeri – 9,830,000
  • Dan Kelly – 4,640,000
  • David Sands – 2,000,000
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02/29/2012 (3 years ago)

The Final Jason Falls Fifth - LAPC Final Table

Jason Burt
Jason Burt earns over $250,000 for fifth.

It’s a bad day to be named Jason as Jason Burt and Jason Somerville hit the rail, the first two eliminations this afternoon.

It’s much better to be named Sean Jazayeri. The man from Iran has smashed his way into the chip lead, taking a big pot from Noah Schwartz moments ago.

We’ve got the details on the bust below, plus an updated leaderboard, as four-handed play continues.

New Chip Counts

Here’s the updated counts for our final four players.

  • Sean Jazayeri – 7,525,000
  • Dan Kelly – 4,710,000
  • David Sands – 2,630,000
  • Noah Schwartz – 1,605,000

Burt Drowns in River (Ernie Heartbroken)

Jason Burt is out in fifth after he made the right decision for all his chips, but was rewarded only with a one-way ticket to the exit.

Burt opened from the small blind to 160k and got a call from Dan Kelly in the big blind.

The flop came down K 4 3 and Kelly check-called 180,000. The turn is the Q and Kelly checks again, prompting a 370,000 bet from Burt.

But this time Kelly did not call. He check-shoved all-in. Kelly had Burt covered by about 600k.

Burt thinks for a moment before calling with K J and we see he’s in great shape against Kelly’s J T.

But the river was an ace, nailing Kelly’s open-ender and making Jason Burt our official 5th place finisher.

He receives $252,980.

All That Jazayeri

Sean Jazayeri is playing poker and he’s making hands when he needs to. He’s now sitting on over 7.5 million, thanks in part to this hand against Noah Schwartz.

Jazayeri opened to 150k from the button and Schwartz called from the big blind.

The flop came down A T 8 and Schwartz check-called 180,000. The turn was the 2 and Schwartz check-calls again, this time for 400k.

The river was the 6 and the routine repeats itself: Check from Schwartz, bet 500k from Jazayeri, call from Schwartz.

Jazayeri tables A-K with the king of clubs for top pair top kicker.

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02/29/2012 (3 years ago)

Bummer-Ville - Jason Somerville Busts in 6th

Jason Somerville
One Jason down, one to go.

The pace of this final table was set in the first few hands as Both Jason Burt and Jason Somerville found themselves all-in.

The only difference was that while Burt doubled up, Somerville was sent packing in 6th place. The good news is that Somerville will take $202,910 for his trouble.

Read on for the details on those hands and the new counts.

No Jasons Allowed (We're Allowed One)

Jason Somerville is out of this tournament, meaning Jason Burt no longer has to share a name with anyone at the table.

On just the second hand of play Jason Somerville open-shoved from under the gun for 820,000 and Sean Jazayeri makes the call from the button.

Somerville: 8 8

Jazayeri: A Q

The flop and turn were safe for Somerville, who was at risk of elimination, but the river brought a queen, giving Jazayeri the best hand and knocking Somerville out in 6th.

He takes just over $200k.

Last Remaining Jason Doubles Up

We were at risk of losing our only remaining Jason but fans of the name can take a breath and relax, Jason Burt has doubled up.

Burt open-shoved for a little less than a million from the button holding A-Q and got called by Noah Schwartz with K-Q.

The board ran out with no help for Schwartz and Burt doubles up to just over 2 million.

New Chip Counts

Here's a look at the chips after those two hands.

  • Seat 1:  Sean Jazayeri  -  5,170,000
  • Seat 2:  Jason Burt  -  2,025,000
  • Seat 3:  Dan Kelly  -  2,450,000
  • Seat 5:  Noah Schwartz  -  2,845,000
  • Seat 6:  David Sands  -  3,980,000
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02/29/2012 (3 years ago)

The Final Playdown - LAPC Final Table

Sean Jazayeri
Sean Jazayeri is in the lead.

The final table of this year's WPT LA Poker Classic plays to a winner today and with two WSOP bracelet winners, a former WPT Champion and a player with over over $4.8 million in lifetime earnings.

It's safe to say this will be a hotly contested title.

We've still got a few hours before the cards hit the felt so we're taking that opportunity to introduce you to the players.

Before we leave tonight one of these players will walk away with a WPT title and over $1.37 million. Click here for the full LAPC payout structure.

Levels at the final table will be one hour and we’ll be starting at 30k/60k with a 10k ante.

So without further ado, meet the players:

Seat 1 - Sean Jazayeri - 4,380,000

Bellevue, Washington native Sean Jazayeri enters the final table as chip leader after eliminating David "The Dragon" Pham in 8th place with aces against kings.

And while Jazayeri has a solid list of live cashes totaling over $160k, he's already guaranteed to blow his previously biggest cash of $48k out of the water with today's payouts starting at over $202,000.

Jason Burt
Jason Burt

Sean Jazayeri is first in chips with 73 big blinds.

Seat 2 – Jason Burt – 835,000

This isn’t the first time Jason Burt has made it to a WPT final table.

He finished fifth at Festa al Lago in 2009 for over $208,000, meaning if he makes it to fifth or better he’ll have a new personal record for biggest cash.

Burt also made a final table at a $10,000 buy-in WSOP Circuit regional championship back in 2010.

Burt is last in chips with 835,000, roughly 13 big blinds.

Seat 3 – Dan Kelly – 2,570,000

Dan Kelly was a legend online before his breakout performance at the 2010 WSOP.

Kelly had small live results stretching back as far as 2007 but people really took notice when he won the $25k Heads-Up championship at the Series in Las Vegas.

Kelly took $1.31 million for that win and since then he’s racked up another few hundred thousand dollars in results.

Online Kelly plays as djk123 and has earned over $5.1 million playing tournaments, including three WCOOP titles.

Kelly enters the final table fourth in chips with roughly 42 big blinds.

Jason Somerville
Jason Somerville

Seat 4 – Jason Somerville – 840,000

Jason Somerville has a slew of live tournament results totaling over $1.7 million, including a WSOP bracelet in 2011.

Somerville also has a storied career playing online tournaments under the screenname JCarver, with over $2.1 million in winnings.

Somerville has had a very unique couple of weeks and is looking for his biggest live cash here today. And if he does win he’ll be one step closer to winning poker’s Triple Crown.

Somerville enters the table second last in chips with 14 big blinds.

Seat 5 – Noah Schwartz – 3,835,000

Noah Schwartz has been a fixture on the live tournament circuit for the last few years and with this final table he’s broken the $1 million mark in WPT earnings.

Currently ranked 28th on the Global Poker Index, Schwartz has over $1.9 million in live tournament winnings.

Originally from Miami, Schwartz played online as fouruhaters and has won over $780,000 playing tournaments on the internet.

Schwartz heads into the final table third in chips with 63 big blinds.

Seat 6 – David “Doc” Sands – 4,010,000

David “Doc” Sands has been crushing tournament poker for years and has to be the odds-on favorite to walk away with this title.

Over $2.8 million in online tournament winnings and $1.95 million in live earnings, Sands is most recently known for making a deep run in the WSOP Main Event alongside girlfriend Erika Moutinho.

The couple went out in 29th and 30th, both earning $242,000 and change.

Sands went on a massive heater late last night, getting lucky with pocket sevens against tens and queens all-in preflop to survive the final table bubble.

He went on to knock out Allen Carter,  who had the queens in the above hand, to finish second in chips with roughly 66 big blinds.

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