WPT Texas Hold'em 2 game expands to T-mobile U.K.

Spoils of War

The World Poker Tour Texas Hold'em 2 game from Hands-On Mobile will be finding a wider audience after the company announced this week it was offering the game for T-Mobile customers in the United Kingdom.

The mobile Texas Hold'em game is the sequel to the top-selling original, and WPT Texas Hold'em 2 is already setting groundbreaking new standards, according to a press release from Hands-On Mobile.

WPT 1 had more than 6 million downloads globally and more than 14.5 million hands played on the mobile game since its launch. WPT is passing that with double the number of unique users, compared to the original, in a similar time frame.

"More than 7 million hands have been played in the six months since its launch in the U.S. alone," said Hands-On Mobile.

The game was launched in the United Kingdom to rave reviews and accolades, and Hands-On Mobile anticipates being able to announce other operators taking WPT 2 soon.

"Hands-On Mobile's WPT 2 is the biggest in mobile poker games, and we are really excited that we can now offer it to our customers via Web'n'Walk," said Neil Holroyd, T-Mobile U.K. games and gambling manager.

"The gameplay is intuitive, and the graphics are slick, but it's the multi-player element of WPT 2 that will really generate excitement among both new and experienced poker players alike."

With WPT 2, players can play on their own or they can play against any other user or users via their mobile devices. All of the games are "play for fun" with no real money at stake.

There is also an instant messaging function so players can chat during the game.

"Poker is a global phenomenon and WPT Texas Hold 'Em 2 draws on this massive interest by enabling people to play poker against other players anywhere, at any time," said Greg Robinson, Hands-On Mobile president and general manager, EMEA.

"WPT 2 is more than just a connected game; it's an online mobile community that draws players back time and again. We are delighted that this community will continue to grow with T-Mobile."

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