WPT: Mike Vela wins World Poker Finals

Michael Vela
Mike Vela with some of his $1,704,986.

Two former champions, Nick Schulman and Nenad Medic, made the final table of the 2007 World Poker Finals (WPF), but neither of them managed to clinch a second title. Instead, Mike "MVP" Vela took the top spot and $1,704,986 in prize money.

Tom Dwan's Q-Q.

A king on the river saved Medic that time, and shortly afterward he busted Mark Weitzman in sixth place, and was back in contention.

Despite his strong rally, it wasn't to be Medic's day, as the World Poker Finals suddenly turned into the Mike Vela show.

Vela busted Mike White in fifth place with K-T against 7-6. A king on the turn sealed the deal.

The champion-to-be got very lucky to eliminate Tom Dwan in fourth place, holding K-J against A-K. A jack on the river ended Dwan's Nick Schulman as a huge chip leader, and it didn't take him very long to finish his last opponents off.

It all ended with a classic race situation. Schulman moved all-in with pocket fives, and Vela called with A-Q. Vela flopped two pair, and no miracle card came for Schulman, who had to settle for second place and an $864,652 prize check.

In the Live Tournaments Section, you can read all about the final-table action from the 2007 WPF. There you will also find an interview with Mike Vela and an extensive recap blog written by PokerListings.com star reporter Owen Laukkanen.

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