WPT inventories its 100 favorite memories

Freddy Deeb
Freddy Deeb: No Miss Cleo.

"Can't hardly wait to get another crack at you, Hoyt," Hellmuth told the Alabama cowboy after taking beat after beat on the felt and pacing the casino floor during one of his more modest tirades. "It's just crazy how unlucky I get in these things."

The Freddy Deeb following the inaugural Bellagio Five Diamond Classic. The season pro had just been busted by a seemingly volatile young Dane and Deeb was not impressed by his game.

"Well, the guy that won the last hand from me, he played very bad, in my opinion," he told the WPT of future superstar Gus Hansen.

"I would like to play this game against him, everyday for the rest of my life. If he plays like that he could never beat me in the long run."

No word on whether Hansen has offered to test Deeb's theory.

Coming in at number 88 is Kenna James's loss of a WPT title after Alex Kahaner calls his all-in and sucks out for the win.

"This is the worst hand anyone will ever call an all-in with," Kahaner tells James.

"It's only for $500,000," James replies, pointing out the difference between the $1.1 million first-place prize and the $580,000 awarded to the runner-up.

Before pushing, Kahaner justifies his move by saying simply, "I want to go home."

For more bad beat stories, bizarre hands and, no doubt, Hellmuth rants, watch the list tick down here.

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