WPT All-In Hold'em table game makes the rounds in Vegas

The Nevada Gaming Commission has approved the World Poker Tour (WPT) All-In Hold'em table game for use in all Nevada casinos after a successful trial run at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

The WPT All-In Hold'em table game follows a different format than regular poker, as players compete against the dealer rather than against other players seated around the table. The game has been commended for its simple style and format both by players and dealers alike and has been hailed as extremely 'player friendly'.

The game launched a trial period at the Bellagio on April 22 of this year, where it was positioned in close proximity to the casino's popular poker room. As a result of the table's success, the Bellagio plans to up its WPT All-In Hold'em table game count to two, while Mirage and TI - Treasure Island plan to debut the table game this month. In total, it will be introduced at 10 different casinos across the United States in the new year, including venues in California, Michigan, Mississippi, and Montana.

The game was developed by famed poker author and pro player, David Sklansky, and has been licensed to WPT majority shareholder, Lakes Entertainment, Inc., for distribution. Lakes Entertainment has introduced additional elements and refinements to the game in order to enhance player and dealer experience, including an unprecedented training module for dealers and supervisors.

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