WPA to make presence known at World Series

Marcel Luske

The World Poker Association (WPA) will be a major presence at the 2007 World Series of Poker (WSOP). The non-profit organization will have its own booth, located near the entrance of the WSOP tournament area.

The WPA's mission is to bring poker players together to ensure the integrity of tournament play.

The organization will be present at the 2007 WSOP to spread the word about its work throughout the poker community.

"Different from the Poker Players Alliance, which is a lobbying group for online poker interests, the World Poker Association is a non-profit organization that brings together all segments of the poker community," the WPA states in a press release.

"The WPA offers an opportunity for everyone concerned about poker's future to have a voice within an organization that is united in its efforts to further professionalism throughout the industry."

Several well-known poker players are involved with the WPA. Marcel Luske and Lou Krieger are two of the members of the WPA's board of trustees, which was elected earlier this year.

So, maybe we will get to see the singing Dutchman standing in the WPA booth this summer.

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