WPA nears 1,000 members

The World Poker Association (WPA), which was formally introduced to the world at the 2006 World Series of Poker, is nearing the 1,000-member mark. It is a significant point for the organization because it will begin nominations for a Board of Directors when it reaches 1,000 members.

The WPA was established as a nonprofit organization in 2005 to provide unity for tournament poker. It was founded by Jesse Jones who has been recruiting poker players, fans, dealers and tournament staff to join.

The mission of the organization is to assure the integrity of tournament poker by establishing fair and consistent rules and procedures and thereby increase the opportunities of individual and organizational members worldwide.

The organization has already attracted some of poker's biggest names to become members including Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan, Phil Gordon, Men "The Master" Nguyen, Marcel Luske, Barry Greenstein and Daniel Negreanu.

Also joining the ranks are organizations such as the Small Town Poker Tour (STPT) and the Swedish Poker Federation.

The WPA only needs a few more members to reach the 1,000 member goal. According to a press release, reaching that goal won't stop it from continuing to "grow by leaps and bounds" to have a positive affect on tournament poker.

Committees are already forming in the WPA to help build the organization and help it take action.

An Ethics Committee has been formed and will be headed by Tom McEvoy, pro player and poker author. That committee will create a comprehensive code of ethics and conduct.

A budget committee has already been formed as well as an elections committee to establish the nomination and election requirements for the Board of Directors. Mark Fracalossi, creator of the STPT, is overseeing the Media Committee.

For more information about the organization and how to join, visit www.WPAPoker.org.

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