WPA announces first organizational member

The World Poker Association (WPA) yesterday welcomed the Swedish Poker Federation as its first organizational member. The Swedish Poker Federation, currently boasting 4,000 members, is an umbrella organization that safeguards the rights and interests of poker players and clubs across Sweden.

Jesse Jones, founder of the WPA, finalized the agreement with Ken Lennaard, chairman of the Swedish Poker Federation, and called the partnership "a major step toward establishing international recognition of the World Poker Association."

The Swedish Poker Federation represents the largest contingency of international membership to date, validating the WPA's mission to elevate the integrity of tournament poker worldwide through standardized rules and procedures.

"The WPA has the vision and gumption necessary to ensure the rights of all players and organizations involved with tournament poker across the globe," said Lennaard. "We are all anxious to contribute to the future of our sport. We hope that the Swedish Poker Federation will work as a role model for national organizations in other countries."

The WPA was established in November 2005 and seeks to unite tournament poker under a universal code of rules, ethics, benefits, and privileges, and to protect the rights of tournament poker players across the world.

Founded by 17 of poker's most recognized and respected names, the non-profit organization has attracted more than 100 members since its inception. Founding members include Rob Hollink, Casey Kastle, "Kill Phil" author Blair Rodman, and world-renowned tournament director, Matt Savage.

With the inclusion of the Swedish Poker Federation, Ken Lennaard was named a founding member of the WPA, as well as the chair of the International Committee.

"The WPA is thrilled to have the Swedish Poker Federation on board and looks forward to their insight and contributions moving forward," said Jesse Jones. "Their involvement speaks volumes to the necessity and longing for an organized and unified voice for tournament poker."

Please see www.wpapoker.com for further details.

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