Worst bubble-finish ever at Mansion Poker Dome

A Whole Lotta Cash

When six men sat down to play the Mansion Poker Dome final they all knew this: One of them would walk away with $1 million - the rest with nothing. After several hours of dramatic poker action, Rodel Tuazon, a mortgage professional from Des Moines, Iowa, had won the grand prize.

The Mansion Poker Dome has been going on since May 28, 2006, when the first quarterfinal match was played. In total, more than 200 people have sat down in the Poker Dome to compete for the $1 million first prize.

Yesterday, it was time for the final, and Rodel Tuazon kept a rather low profile until it was time for heads-up play against Dennis Waterman, a poker pro from Sedona, Ariz.

When the duel for the million started, Waterman had a decent lead, but Tuazon soon managed to turn things around.

In the final hand, when Tuazon sat with $153,000 in chips, and Waterman with $147,000, Waterman raised, Tuazon re-raised all-in, and Waterman reluctantly called. Tuazon flipped over 9h-9c, and was in the lead over Waterman's Ts-7s.

Tuazon made a set of nines on the flop, and even though a jack gave Waterman a gut-shot straight draw, he was not able to recover. A six on the turn and a four on the river sealed the deal.

Rodel Tuazon had won the Mansion Poker Dome and $1 million. Dennis Waterman got absolutely nothing; probably the worst bubble-finish of all time.

Results from the Mansion Poker Dome final:

1Rodel Tuazon$1,000,000
2 Dennis Waterman $0
3 Rob Sherwood $0
4 Ben Ludwig $0
5 Andrew Rogers $0
6 Jerry Schrader $0

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