World's Standard of Online Poker raises stakes in Harrah's lawsuit

The World's Standard of Online Poker, better known as, has released full details on the battle between the site and Harrah's Entertainment, Inc. for the WSOP trademark. Harrah's owns and operates the World Series of Poker (WSOP) each year and wants the domain and trademark for the tournament.

At Federico Schiavio, owner of the site, has detailed his dealings with Harrah's in regards to the Web site starting with his claim that Becky Binion Behnen gave him the rights to the domain name before Binion's and the World Series of Poker was sold to Harrah's.

According to Schiavio, Behnen saw no conflict between the domain name and the World Series of Poker because they had never used the term WSOP as a trademark. WSOP was also not specifically identified as a trademark that would be transferred to Harrah's when it purchased Binion's and the World Series of Poker.

Schiavio outlines on his site his efforts to get WSOP trademarked for his site and the legal maneuvers, which he considers harassment, that Harrah's has been making to get it for itself.

In May 2006, Harrah's filed a domain name dispute seeking to transfer the domain name to the company. Schiavio was successful in convincing the administrative panel to dismiss the dispute. Then in August, he filed his own suit in Los Angeles for a declaration of his rights and that he's not violating Harrah's rights with his domain name and trademark.

Harrah's answered that lawsuit by filing one of its own in Las Vegas in September claiming that it owns the trademark on the name World Series of Poker and has applied for a patent on the name WSOP so the site should be passed to them.

In an effort to tell his side of the story, Schiavio has made available all the material he has related to the battle that's been going on for more than two years.

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