World Series of Poker MBA Championship announced

Harrah's Entertainment, Inc., owners of the World Series of Poker (WSOP), have announced plans to host the World Series of Poker MBA Championship together with Jungle Media Group, publisher of Jungle Magazine, in Las Vegas next year.

The competition is slated to take place from January 13-15 at Caesars Palace. Organizers anticipate 500 MBA students and alumni will participate in the event, which will mark the first year the annual tournament will carry the World Series of Poker brand and offer the winner a seat in the 2006 WSOP Main Event.

This year's three-day series is scheduled to include networking and social events and a celebrity poker workshop hosted by Phil Gordon. It is expected that Harrah's and other companies will actively recruit participants throughout the series. And, although thousands of dollars in prizes will be available to players, including the $10,000 2006 WSOP Main Event seat, a percentage of the prize pool will be donated to charity as is custom.

The MBA tournament was launched as a charity fundraiser three years ago in Las Vegas for students and alumni from top MBA programs across the country. In 2004, over 200 competitors registered for the event from such respected schools as Wharton, University of Chicago, Dartmouth (Tuck), Duke, Harvard, Berkeley, Kellogg, and UCLA, and raised $25,000 for charity.

Interested players can register for the event at

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