World Series of Poker Bracelet Ceremony: Postponed

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11 June 2014
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It's not uncommon for someone who won, say, close to half a million dollars or so in a poker tournament  - in Las Vegas, no less - to go out and celebrate a bit afterwards.

Or a lot.

It's also not uncommon, then, for said victor to sleep a little late the next day.

As a result: WSOP bracelet winners aren't always around by 2 pm the next day to collect their long longed-for gold bracelet.

Doug Polk and Kory Kilpatrick, winners of Events #23 and #20 respectively, were the latest to join the Bracelet Postponement club today.

Polk's absence, we assume, was directly related to the handfuls of vodka tonics scattered throughout his victory photo. Kilpatrick we'll have to assume likewise.

They definitely weren't the first to fail to meet the bracelet bell, and they definitely won't be the last. Makes sense that WSOP bracelet schedule is on a white board, really.

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