World Poker Tour Experiments with Multi-Venue Events in Iberia

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What if you could play the first day of a tournament and make it into the money before leaving your local casino?

That’s exactly what the World Poker Tour is attempting to accomplish by partnering with Multi-Venue Series (MVS) in Iberia.

The WPT and MVS will host a €675+€75 tournament that will run at three different venues including Madrid, Espinho and Barcelona from May 12-15, 2016.

Grand Finale in Madrid

The WPT Multi-Venue event will continue until roughly 7% of the field remains by May 15.

WPT On Set 1 at Bay 101

On May 21-22 the surviving players will travel to Madrid to play to a winner.

That’s just the first WPT Multi-Venue event, however, and two more are scheduled. One will finish in Espinho (October 2016) and another in Barcelona (January 2017).

Considering the popularity of online tournaments that eventually culminate with a live final table it’s somewhat surprisingly that no poker tour has attempted this format before.

“The introduction of the MVS Presents: WPT National Iberia Main Event is a testament to the World Poker Tour’s constant evolution, and the innovative partnerships the WPT has secured worldwide,” said Hermance Blum, Head of WPT Europe.

“We have already experienced great success in Spain with both the WPT Main and National Tours, and we look forward to our first-ever event in Portugal as we bond together these two emerging markets to generate a massive prize pool for our players.”

Corvette Added to TOC Prize Pool


The Multi-Venue tournament isn’t the only news coming out of the WPT this week.

The venerable tour has added a 2016 Corvette to the prize of the upcoming Tournament of Champions.

Monster, the official headphones supplier of the WPT, officially chipped in the Chevrolet sports car bringing the overlay on the tournament to over $250,000.

The inaugural 2016 WPT Tournament of Champions, which replaces the former WPT World Championship, is set to take place April 22 at the Seminole in Florida.

The new Tournament of Champions brings back all the winners from this year’s WPT season and provides a rake-free structure for anyone who wants to pay the $15,000 to buy in directly.

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