Woody Harrelson wins Cannes celebrity poker event

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If Edward Norton, Adrien Brody, Woody Harrelson, Dennis Hopper and Salma Hayek all sat down at a poker table, who would you give the edge to?

If you picked Harrelson, you made the right choice.

The former Cheers star outlasted his celebrity competition at the Cannes 2008 Celeb Charity Poker game and split first place with French actress Alice Taglioni, according to a story on hollywoodtoday.net.

The event, which sees $500,000 paid to the winning actor's charity of choice, has become increasingly popular at the French film festival and the field of players gets larger each year.

One has to wonder if the time Harrelson spent filming the poker film The Grand, which was released earlier this year in select theaters, might have paid off for the Natural Born Killer.

Of course Harrelson wasn't the only player with some movie poker experience. Norton played "Worm" in the benchmark poker flick Rounders alongside Matt Damon. There was no word on where Norton finished but perhaps he would have benefited from some advice from Mike McDermott.

At any rate huge crowds gathered to watch the event, which was broadcast live from the Palm Beach Casino.

Harrelson gave his winnings to environmental group Oasis.

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