Lightning strikes twice in a month for online poker player

egon19 is probably the luckiest unlucky poker player in the world. Twice in a month, he has won the B2B network Bad Beat Jackpot.

A bad beat jackpot is paid out when a player makes a really good hand, but is beaten by an even better hand. On the B2B network the minimum requirement to be eligible for the jackpot is a four of a kind of tens.

On Dec. 30, in a €0.5/€1 No-Limit Texas Hold'em game, egon19 sat with pocket jacks and made quads on the turn. There were, however, three queens on the board when the hand was over, and another player had made a better four of a kind.

egon19 lost the €122 pot, but instead won the Bad Beat Jackpot of €4,953 ($6,368).

This weekend lightening struck again. egon19 made quad tens on the river but was beaten by an opponent's jack high straight flush. Once again he was playing in a €0.5/€1 No-Limit Texas Hold'em game.

This time the he won the Bad Beat jackpot of €2,469 ($3,174) instead of a €181 pot.

In total, egon19 has made almost $10,000 from "bad beats." Most likely, he will not be complaining about "rigged games" in the near future.

B2B is a poker network mainly consisting of sites from the Scandinavian countries. 24hPoker is the main site in the network.

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