Women take their turn in Tunica

The Spoils of War

Sunday brought out the ladies for Event 13, the $200 Ladies Texas Hold'em Championship, at the World Series of Poker Circuit event in Tunica.

Dirt track enthusiast Sandi Anderson hit pay dirt with her entry as she waded through a field of 227 players to take her share of the $44,038.

"I was just playing for the experience. I never dreamed I'd win it," Anderson said after her win.

Anderson, from Jacksonville, Ark., is a billing/purchasing specialist for a construction and equipment company. She also works at a dirt track on the weekends.

This was her first Circuit event despite learning to play poker 20 years ago and winning a few small local tournaments.

At one point in the tournament Anderson was down to only 400 in chips before battling her way back to enter the final table near the middle of the heap with 40,800.

The chip leader going into the final table was Nani Dollison, a poker dealer and player, who had 71,200.

First out was Donna Neville, from Memphis, Tenn. She moved all-in with pocket jacks and was called by Donna Hickey who was holding A-K. The flop dropped a king, however, and Neville couldn't catch up.

Despite her chip lead, Dollison was next out when she moved in with pocket eights. Anderson called with an A-J. Dollison was safe through the flop and the turn, but the river brought a jack, giving Anderson top pair.

Out in seventh place was Rhonda Dowell. She was taken out by Debbi Hamlin when she went all in with Q-J. Hamlin's 9-8 didn't look all that special until she hit the nine on the turn and an eight on the river to give her two pair, sending Dowell to the rail.

Kristen Deardorff started out the final table as the short stack with only 10,000 in chips, but somehow she managed to outlast three players to land in sixth place. She picked her spot to go for it with A-7 to Anderson's 5-3. Anderson's luck was stronger, though, as a five on the turn gave her the hand and showed Deardorff the payout line.

Katherine Neville, from Augusta, Ga., was the next one to leave the table as her K-Q went up against Donna Hickey's A-4. Despite winning that matchup, Hickey was the next to go. The Texas native couldn't catch Sherry Hollis' A-Q after going all in with Q-J.

Now down to three, Hollis was out front with Debbi Hamlin and Anderson trailing. Anderson chipped up after getting all-in with three-way action and turned her 6-5 into two pair.

She then took out Hamlin who moved all-in with pocket aces. Anderson called with Th-8h and made a flush when the flop came Kh-Qh-4h.

The win helped her pull just about even with Hollis, at which time the women decided to chop the cash prize evenly and play for the pendant and the title.

It didn't take Anderson long to take out Hollis once the deal was made. She took a big lead when she went all-in with A-Q, and it held up against Hollis' A-J. Then she dealt the death blow with a hand of 8-6 against Hollis' A-8. The board came K-J-9-6-3 to give Anderson a pair and the win.

As the women were playing out their event, another No-Limit Hold'em event was also getting underway on Sunday. Event 13b was also added to the schedule, bringing poker players in for another $500 No-Limit Texas Hold'em event.

Probably no one else was happier to have the added event than Amos Snowden. It was the first tournament "Famous Amos" had ever entered, and he turned it into his first tournament win as well.

He had staked someone in an earlier event at the WSOPC, and that player was knocked out in the first round. Thinking that he was "a pretty good horse" himself, Snowden entered the tournament.

Event 13b lasted two days, and when the final table began on Monday, Snowden was in the lead with 80,500 in chips, but it was still a hard-fought battle for the win.

There was immediate action when the final table began play. On the first hand, David Dao opened for 10,000 with A-9, with Larry Tomaszewski raising 20,000 with A-K.

Dao took a few moments to mull it over and then went all-in. The board ended up giving Tomaszewski two pair and Dao got a trip to the payment line to collect his ninth-place winnings.

Tony Burton moved all-in on the second hand of the final table, but didn't get a call. Three hands later he repeated and got a call from Snowden. Burton was holding pocket kings, but four spades on the board gave Snowden a flush with his Ah-Js.

Next out was Dennis Phillips who moved all-in with A-Q on a flop of 5-4-2. He got a questionable call from Snowden who was chasing a gut-shot straight with T-6. The three fell on the river, and Phillips left in seventh place.

Two hands later, Roland Bell called an all-in with A-7, going up against Mark Miley's A-Q. Miley nailed a queen on the turn, and Bell collected his $2,658 for sixth place.

Miley was the next to hit the rail when he went all-in with pocket nines. He was called by John Carter, who was holding A-K. The board came J-Q-4-9-10, giving Carter a straight.

Seventy-one hands into the final table, Tim Vance took his leave. He moved in with K-J suited, and Snowden called with pocket fives. Vance didn't improve his situation any and went home in fourth place.

It only took a few hands more to figure out the third-place finisher and move into heads-up. Carter went all-in with A-9, and Snowden called with J-T. Carter was looking good through the flop and the turn, but a jack hit on the river and he was out.

During heads-up play, Snowden and Tomaszewski traded the chip lead back and forth until the ninth hand.

Tomaszewski opened for 40,000 with pocket queens. Snowden called, and after the flop came A-7-5, Snowden moved all-in. Tomaszewski was certain he had him and quickly called, but Snowden turned over A-2 for the better hand and it held up for the win.

Snowden takes home $17,747 for the win, and Tomaszewski received $9,317 for second place.

The main event of the Tunica WSOPC is underway today. PokerListings.com will be bringing you coverage from the scene with live updates, reports, interviews, photos and more. Check it out in the Live Tournaments Section.

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