Woman searches for owner of watch won in WWII poker game

More than 60 years ago, Gladys Goodman's husband Glenn won a wristwatch during a game of poker with his fellow soldiers during World War II, and now Gladys would like to find the watch's original owner.

The gold Bulova watch is in near perfect condition after sitting for years in the back of a dresser drawer except for the one or two occasions that Glenn wore it. He won it off of his friend and fellow service member, Americo J. Brocani, known as "Louie," in a poker game while they were both serving in the U.S. Army in Myanmar (then Burma) during World War II.

Gladys, who lives in Oil City, Pa., said they kept in touch with Brocani and his wife after the war and even vacationed a couple of times with them. Glenn and Brocani used to reminisce about the poker games, but never discussed the watch.

She's not sure why her husband never thought to give the watch back over the years, and then the opportunity was lost after they lost touch with Brocani when he and his wife divorced.

Glenn died in 1980, and the watch was forgotten until recently. Gladys would like to return it to Brocani or a member of his family. Her family tried an Internet search for some Brocani family information with no luck, but she remembers that Brocani had two daughters, Donna and Marie, and a son who went by his father's nickname, Louie.

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