Winning on Sixth Street at 888Live Local Marbella

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If you can't win on fifth street, sixth will do.

One rule that has never been disputed in poker is this one: The hand ends at showdown.

Except, of course, when it doesn’t.

There is a way to win the hand even after it’s over and the only name we can come up with for it is "sixth street."

As examples, take the following two hands from the first day of the 888Live Local event in Marbella.

Hero and Opponent

Our players are online qualifiers without too much experience in live tournaments, so let’s just call them “hero” and “opponent”.

In our first hand our hero raises under the gun with Q T

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Only the big blind defends. On a board of J 5 4 the big blind checks and our hero continues.

The opponent calls and the turn is the 7.

Now both players check and the 2 falls on the river. Knowing that he can only win the hand if he bets, our hero leads out again.

The opponent checks his cards and makes the call. Hero insta-mucks his queen high, and although he doesn’t have to the opponent turns over his cards.

They are Q T

“Oh, I thought I had the queen of spades," says the opponent as he rakes in the pot to the general amazement of the other players at the table.

That’s a win on sixth street.

I Only Had Tens

The second hand is from the same table, albeit two different players going heads-up.

This is a blind battle so the conditions are a little different. It's folded to the small blind who only fills up -- with pocket tens, as it would turn out.

Our hero has J-8 offsuit and he sees no reason to raise so he just checks his option.

The flop falls 9-8-4 rainbow. The small blind now bets and our hero peels one off with second pair. The turn is another ten.

The small blind bets again and our hero, now with a straight draw, decides to call again. The river is a jack.

IMG 1906

Our hero doesn’t know, of course, that he’s beat. Instead he reasons that his opponent doesn’t have the straight, as he now checks to him.

He opts for go for a small value bet. His opponent thinks it over and decides to call.

Our hero shows his two pair, his opponent looks at his cards again, somehow misreads our hero’s hand as a straight and mucks his set.

“I only had tens," he says correctly, and several jaws at the table dropped simultaneously.

So, if you're wondering whether it’s worth trying to qualify for 888live events, there’s your answer.

And remember any time you play a hand, be it in a tournament or at a cash game: There's always a sixth street, and if you play it right you can still win.

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