Win an Exclusive Avatar in New Full Tilt Tournaments

full tilt avatars

It’s time to finally snap up that special T-Rex avatar you’ve been coveting for years on Full Tilt Poker.

Full Tilt started Avatar Tournaments this month where you can compete for special avatars and cash for as little as a $2.50 entry fee.

These tournaments are open to anyone and you can potentially win a serious amount of cash in addition to a unique avatar.

Unicorns, Crocodiles and Raptors

There are 10 different exclusive avatars you can win in the tournaments including Triceratops, Walrus, Bald Eagle, T-Rex and more.

t rex

The avatars don’t actually change gameplay but they have proven to be immensely popular on Full Tilt.

If you don’t want to pay the full entry fee than you can also satellite in to avatar events for even less.

People who eventually win an Avatar Tournament will receive their new avatar within 48 hours of the event.

Keep in mind that PokerStars players will soon be able to try exclusive Full Tilt tournaments as part of the upcoming merge between Full Tilt and ‘Stars this April.

All players on PokerStars, StarsDraft, BetStars and Full Tilt will share a single ‘Stars account making it easy to try each platform.

For now here’s a look at the schedule for Avatar Tournaments on Full Tilt:
Avatar:             Day:                                Time:           Buy-in:   
The Unicorn       Sunday                            16:00 ET    $10
The Crocodile     Monday and Thursday       16:00 ET    $10
The Bald Eagle   Tuesday and Friday           16:00 ET    $10
The Walrus        Wednesday and Saturday   16:00 ET    $10
Velociraptor       Monday to Saturday           15:00 ET    $2.50
The Raptor         Sunday                             15:00 ET    $2.50
Triceratops        Monday to Saturday            15:00 ET    $25
The Ceratops      Sunday                             15:00 ET    $25
Tyrannosaurus   Monday to Saturday            15:00 ET    $100
The T-Rex          Sunday                              15:00 ET    $100

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