Wild Week for Isildur1 Sees $1m Day, Blom100 Begin

Viktor Blom
The most exciting man in online poker.

While much of the poker world had its focus on the WSOP Europe this week, online poker's biggest action fiend did what he did best - throw around millions of dollars online.

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom was all over the Full Tilt Poker tables this week taking on opponents like newly minted Team PokerStars Online pro Alex Millar, Doug "WCGrider" Polk and Gus Hansen.

A major heater over the course of Wed/Thurs against Rookie NFL, Kagome Kagome, ragen70 and Hansen -- primarily at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables -- left him up over $1.1m for day.

In typical Isildur style, though, he didn't stop there. Taking on Millar and Polk in No-Limit Hold'em, now one of his weaker games, Blom bled most of it right back dropping $600k to Millar and $230k to Polk.

Still, given his recent downswing Blom looks to be on the way back up with a $2m+ surge over the last couple of months. According to highstakesdb, that puts his career total for his Full Tilt account, amazingly, back around even.

Doesn't Use Software, Doesn't Like Brian Hastings Much

In honor of the start of Blom's new public heads-up challenge, the Blom100, Full Tilt Poker has published the first part of a Q&A with the game's most enigmatic high-stakes star.

Taking questions form the public over Twitter Blom answered in typical understated, Isildur style:

Brian Hastings
Not a Hastings fan.
  • @Michael_Burlacu: do you enjoy the fame that isildur1 has brought you?
  • VB: I never think about it that way, so I don’t feel any different.
  • @Highstakesdb: WCGRider recently referred to you as a megawhale – are you going to teach the guy a lesson anytime soon?
  • VB: Maybe I will have to teach him a lesson ;)
  • @Justinrklein: after the match with brian hastings how long did it take to build a BR back up? how much did you learn?
  • VB: I feel like I’ve never fully recovered from that. I learned that I don’t like Brian Hastings that much :)
  • @amankiashan: how much Money you have in your br ? that you can afford to lose millions and win millions back
  • VB: Minus 500 gbp ;)

Sign-up for a Full Tilt Poker account here to get in on the Blom100 challenge.

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