WhatArunAA takes first place in PokerStars Million

The Spoils of War

WhatArunAA indeed had quite a run at the PokerStars Sunday Million on Nov. 4.

WhatArunAA, who is a well-known Full Contact Poker forum member, took first place in a four-way deal with nickym998, MarktheShark and Francix. Taking the deal into account WhatArunAA took home a cool $99,472.

Under the terms of the deal nickym998 was actually paid out the most with $136,287 because he was chip leader at the time. The players agreed to spread the money according to their chip stacks and set aside $30,000 to play for. WhatArunAA outlasted MarktheShark, Francix and nickym998 to take first place and the respect of his peers.

Meanwhile, Canadian Buck21 took home $20,000 for coming in in first place at the High Stakes Showdown. Buck21 won Event 19 of the 2007 WCOOP and now joins an elite group of players like Barry Greenstein and Daniel Negreanu who have won the High Stakes Showdown in the past.

It was definitely a day of deals as players in both the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up and Hundred Grand were not willing to play it out and wanted more security. ballsinhand1 took down $57,234 for winning the Sunday Warm-Up, while bravo177 grabbed $13,094 for winning the Hundred Grand tournament.

All in all it was another busy Sunday at the world's biggest poker site.

Here's a look at the complete results, courtesy of PokerStars:

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up Final Table Results
Based on finishing order and three-way deal

1. ballsinhand1 (United States) $57,234.67
2. LioneeR (United States) $55,986.75
3. ricestud (United States) $53,381.30
4. ps147 (United Kingdom) $24,507.20
5. BananasJoe (Sweden) $19,420.80
6. lemantio (United States) $14,750.56
7. phatlat (Canada) $10,588.96
8. nanuck1980 (United Kingdom) $6,658.56
9. Bouin (Sweden) $3,884.16

PokerStars Sunday Hundred Grand Final Table Results
Based on finishing order and five-way deal

1. bravo177 (Spain) $13,094.10
2. ChAtBan (United States) $6,447.94
3. kubfan (United States) $6,825.11
4. Chipper1983 (United States) $8,074.03
5. xxViolatorxx (United States) $7,345.87
6. daruwalla (Austria) $1,857.21
7. davy5555 (Ireland) $1,485.77
8. mikeDee33 (United States) $1,207.19
9. Romeo5254 (United States) $928.61

PokerStars High Stakes Showdown Results

1. buck21 (Canada) $20,000

PokerStars Sunday Million Final-Table Results
Based on finishing order and four-way deal

1. WhatArunAA (United States) $99,472.00
2. nickym998 (United Kingdom) $136,286.78
3. MarktheShark (United States) $78,446.32
4. Francix (Canada) $88,357.06
5. erras (Sweden) $41,075.16
6. stevenl94 (Canada) $29,430.80
7. Mutleyj9 (United Kingdom) $21,113.40
8. Pappiri (Portugal) $12,796.00
9. bfineman (United States) $7,933.52

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