What time is it Mr. (De) Wolfe? Chip-up time

Roland De Wolfe

He's the most recognizable pro left in the 2007 Irish Poker Open and now, certainly, its most targeted. But Roland De Wolfe is holding up his end of the bargain for the professional poker player's union: He's rolled to a prohibitive chip lead, and nothing but a total disaster can keep him from the final table.

The latest figure for Roland De Wolfe from the Burlington Hotel in Dublin: One million chips and counting, with the eliminations coming fast and furious in his wake as he builds his stack towards a potentially dominating position for tomorrow's final eight.

It's not over by any means. And the 18 others squaring up position for their own shot at the €650,000 first-place prize likely will have much to say about it.

But things are looking good for the notorious European Poker Tour and World Poker Tour champ, who's moved his way up to seven figures from a decidedly short $163,000 stack at the beginning of the day.

Along the way: Countless eliminations at his hands, and one of the more unusual hands he might ever come across.

PokerListings.com's Owen Laukkanen is live feltside in Dublin this weekend, and here's how he recounted the hand in question:

"Action folds around to Roland De Wolfe in the small blind, and the Sheep raises to $30,000. Nicky Power is in the big blind, and he moves all-in before discovering that the dealer has already mucked his cards (!!!).

"Well, what's a man to do but cup his hands together and sit tight, pretending he's still got aces? Power put on an acting display for the ages and eventually De Wolfe mucked, as Powers immediately showed the bluff and raked the pot, his insides no doubt turning to Jello as he stacks his winnings."

They're playing down to the final table as we speak over in Dublin, and you can check in on all the action over in the Live Tournaments Section.

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