Weekly UK 3-Bet: Sly Balls, Bad Beat Backs, Eames Iveys Up

Chris Sly
UK pro Chris Sly goes all-out in Las Vegas for his 33rd birthday.

The PokerListings Weekly UK 3-Bet is a deceptively-simple looking game of three-card Monte played down a back alley of the poker news afternoon.

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This week on the UK 3-Bet we bring you news of Chris Sly's four-day Las Vegas bender, an interview with Neil Channing about the hardships of backing winning players, plus John Eames joining new site IveyPoker.com.

1) Chris Sly's Las Vegas Bender

Chris Sly turned 33-years old this week and decided to celebrate in style by booking the Hugh Hefner suite in the Palms for $10k per night.

The birthday bash was a four-day blur of a bender that involved Sam Trickett, JP Kelly, Little Dave Nicholson and a machine gun.

2) Bad Beat Still Backing

So Sly gets a $10k-per-night Hugh Hefner suite and machine gun lessons for his birthday gifts. What did the newly crowned 45-year old Neil Channing receive? Sweet F.A.

It’s true. The man runs so bad his own mother forgot his birthday card and they share the same birthday!

Channing shrugged off that bitter disappointment by doing his bollocks on the NFL and by default doing the bollocks of his entire flock of Twitter followers who also follow his NFL bets.

He finished the night on a high though. Two of his beloved Blue Belts - both backed - and both cashing in a couple of majors to retrieve some of that lost NFL cash.

Whilst Sly no doubt fell asleep in a young lady's lap, Channing fell asleep in his keyboard.

And we thought that backing had turned him into a sad and bitter individual?

3) Eames Joins IveyPoker

This week we have seen the IveyPoker band of merry men - and women - grow to a sizable stack of 13, and it’s great news to see Southport’s very own John Eames included in that squad.

If anyone deserves to be finally recognised for their hard work and talent it’s Eames.

But according to Eames there's someone even more important to him than Phil Ivey, the venerable Tony G.

Check out the video below where Eames credits the G-man for all his success.

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