Weekly UK 3-Bet: Shakerchi Gives, Snap-R&R, Berlin on the Side

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The PokerListings Weekly UK 3-Bet is a last-minute, snap-vacation that breaks free of the trappings of the 9 to 5 poker news work week.

This week on the 3-Bet we find British high-roller Talal Shakerchi being recognized for his unbelievable charity efforts, a group of brash young upstarts jetting off to Amsterdam on a moment's notice, plus a rundown of how the Brits fared at the recent EPT Berlin.

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1) Talal Shakerchi Ranked UK's 4th Biggest Philanthropist

Talal Shakerchi
Talal Shakerchi

When you can afford to play the world's first $1 million poker tournament you either have rich friends in high places or a bob or two in your back pocket.

Birmingham-born Talal Shakerchi falls into both of those categories and did in fact pay the seven-figure buy-in to compete in the Big One for One Drop last summer.

But in addition to playing poker Shakerchi runs Meditor Capital Management, a hedge fund that astoundingly gives all its profits to charity.

Shakerchi and Meditor donated more than £22 million last year, good for fourth position on the Sunday Times Giving List.

"Current conditions share many similarities with those that prevailed when philanthropy boomed during the Victorian period: extreme wealth inequality, new money in the ascendant, technology and finance delivering large wealth very quickly to a lucky few,” said Shakerchi.

Earlier this year Shakerchi won the EPT London High Roller for £436,330.

Get more on the Giving List here.

2) Cody et al Take Amsterdam Snap-Vacation

Jake Cody, Rhys Jones, Max Silver, Chris Brammer and Pratyush Buddiga have all decided to take a last minute flight from Berlin to Amsterdam to celebrate Brammer's birthday.

While most of us plan all year before taking a trip to a foreign country, these jet-setting poker pros do it at the drop of a hat.

And it's not the first time.

A few years back a rather lubricated pairing of Tom MacDonald and Jake Cody tried to fly to Disneyland in the early hours of the morning but weren’t allowed to fly because they didn’t have an ESTA form.

Undeterred our superheroes decided to go to Disneyland Paris instead where they both woke up in a hotel room with just their wallets for company wondering where the hell they were.

Both MacDonald and Cody had to purchase Mickey and Minnie Mouse underwear just to get them through the weekend.

Rupert Elder
Rupert Elder

3) Brits Dominate EPT Berlin Side Events

It wasn’t a great showing for UK players in the recent EPT Berlin Main Event with only John Eames, Barny Boatman and Liv Boeree finding the back of the net, so to speak

But the Brits did find success in the side events.

Rupert Elder followed up his Aussie Millions side event win with a victory in the €1k Turbo where he defeated Max Heinzelmann heads-up.

Coincidentally Heinzelmann is the exact same opponent Elder defeated in his breakout victory at EPT San Remo two years ago.

Brighton-bred Sebastian Gohr continued his fine run of form with the runner-up spot in the inaugural Berlin Cup while Chris Moorman once again fell just short of a trophy with second place in the ‘John Eames Invitational’.

Rhys Jones also final tabled that event and Najid Kamand took the runner-up spot in the EPT Berlin Cup High Roller.

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