Weekly UK 3-Bet: Lil Dave Loss, Poker Rap Boss, Spinks Binks

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Dave Nicholson (Photo credit: lildaveslife.blogspot.co.uk)

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Today we bring you an intimate look at the worst downswing of David Nicholson's career, the impending departure of one of the Internet's lesser-known poker rap parody artists, plus news of a new career best by Exeter poker player Jon Spinks.

1) Lil Dave Nicholson Reflects on Biggest Downswing Ever

At just 23 years old, David Nicholson could publish an autobiography that would give Devilfish, Howard Marks and Hugh Hefner a run for their money. But luckily for us he doesn't have to. He already reports everything on his personal blog.

nicholson 4
Nicholson writes about the toughest time of his career.

The latest from Nicholson is a look back at the worst downswing of his life. After 20 consecutive losing sessions he put virtual pen to online paper and explained what it's like to be in the midst of a career-defining cold streak.

As I did the sums and realised I was officially in my biggest ever downswing I got to thinking about how I'd been reacting to it, actually I'd  been reacting pretty well! I remember the first time I lost a lot of money and how it made me feel, my stomach churned, I got sweaty, paniced, my breathing went frantic and I couldn't sleep.

Filled with regret I dwelled on what had happened for days and days (maybe even months lol.) I remember clearly back then as well that the money (was a significant sum) wasn't on the forethought of my mind either, I'd lost, at a time when I never lost, and it hurt me, it really hurt me. I was embarrassed and felt like I could no longer validate my decision to play poker because of what I'd done.

The fact that at the age of 20 i'd lost more money than most people my age would earn in 12 months was nothing more than a pure annoyance. 

Check Nicholson's blog for more.

2) Mason and Bergeron Take Rap Skills Down Under

The UK is set to lose one of its youngest talents as Ashley Mason prepares to emigrate to Australia.

Best known for winning the $10k WCOOP High Roller event in 2011 for a staggering $430,000, Mason has also contributed to the growing number of poker rap parody songs floating around the internet.

Here's his heavily satirical take on Chris Moorman and one of his horses.

3) Jon Spinks Sets New Personal Best

Jon Spinks has earned himself a career-best score of €141,200 after taking down the €2,200 NLHE side event at EPT Deauville.

Spinks, whose Twitter page states “I finish 4th at the World Series of Poker a little too often,” didn’t finish fourth this time as he overcame a final table that contained Jonathan Duhamel.

The UK based players call these €2k EPT side events the John Eames Invitational Events due to the IveyPoker pro’s proficiency in them. But on this occasion Eames was nothing more than a chauffeur for the eventual winner Spinks!

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