Weekly UK 3-Bet: Kelly Rule, Channing Miss, Brammer Hot Tub

JP Kelly
JP Kelly headlines this week's 3-Bet with a handy set of rules for wagering on darts.

The PokerListings Weekly 3-Bet is a haggled-over, slightly discounted rickshaw ride home through the early morning poker news sunrise.

This week in the 3-Bet JP Kelly and friends put forth an invaluable set of rules for betting on darts, we find a recap of Neil Channing's off-the-mark Oscar picks, plus the only time we've ever heard of someone betting on being able to turn on a hot tub.

Any suggestions for a future 3-Bet can be left in the comments.

1) Six Rules for Wagering on Darts

They live together so why not gamble together?

nicholson 4
Lil Dave Nicholson

Lil Dave Nicholson, Tom Middleton and JP Kelly have a penchant for a spot of darts, and they have a fool proof six golden rules that they use for winning a ton of money from the oche:

  1. Don’t back against Phil Taylor as he wins every match.
  2. Don’t back Adrian Lewis as he’s frustratingly inconsistent and usually badly priced.
  3. Don’t back against Robert “The Thorn” Thornton, because he has never failed to throw the darts of his life whenever I’ve had a penny on the other side.
  4. Always back Andy “The Hammer” Hamilton, cos he’s not a bottler
  5. Never back Garry Anderson because he scores 180 every time, then bottles 9/10 doubles and it makes you want to smash your furniture up.
  6. Every Premier League day, do an accumulator for all draws, usually about 2000/1, I know its very unlikely, but now I’ve told you about it you’ll be joke tilted if it comes in and you’re not on it.

So Lil Dave Nicholson how exactly did the darts betting go this week for the three of you?

“We got f*&ked up pretty bad.”

2) Channing Tanks Oscar Picks

It was a few weeks ago that the UK 3-Bet broke the news that Joe Beevers and Neil Channing were planning to launch The Betting Emporium, and this week launch it they did.

Neil Channing
Channing feels bad about picking losers for the Oscars.

The first series of tips came courtesy of Mr. Channing, and they focused on the biggest night in Tinseltown: The Oscars. So how did the first series of tips pan out for The Betting Emporium?

“All in all I shall give myself a 6/10. I sort of feel like I got enough right to make a profit and I failed due to bad staking and my decisions being just slightly off,” said Channing.

“Anyone following my tips at the recommended stakes should have lost 1.5 points. Sorry about that. Hope I'll win it back for you soon.”

It’s Premier League Soccer next and games that Mr Beevers believes will be great value for over 2.5 goals.

Get more info directly from The Betting Emporium.

Christopher Brammer
Did anyone suggest googling it?

3) Can Chris Brammer Turn on the Hot Tub?

Chris Brammer is doing a spot of house sitting for one Jake Cody this week and as you can imagine chez Cody has all of the mod cons.

But obviously the big question was: Can Brammer figure out how to turn on the hot tub?

And even more obviously they all decided to wager on it.

The bets were on and Brammer was clearly struggling when he asked his Facebook friends for assistance.

“Getting it really loudly I know, but anyone know how to turn on a hot tub?” Brammer asked.

“Take it to Venice for the weekend?” suggests Rhys Jones.

“Guessing there’s a switch or button somewhere?” suggests Andrew Badecker (I bet Brammer never thought of that one).

“Fill it with water,” suggests Danny Toffel.

I wasn’t even aware that Northern kids took baths.

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