UK 3-Bet: Deadman Rises, Cody Tops, Sudworth Stung

Life after PKR painful for Sudworth. (Photo: PKR)

The weekly UK 3-Bet is a weekend sticky-pudding bender after a steady diet of grey meat and two limp veg.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Simon Deadman rising up the ranks of the British poker echelon, Jake Cody planting his flag at the very top of the industry and the other former PKR pro, James Sudworth, continuing his run of painful post-PKR experiences.

1) Simon Deadman Set For Greater Things

In recent years, the British poker fraternity has fired like a rocket, for the most part, but 2012 was more flounder than flames.

Simon Deadman. (Photo: Danny Maxwell via

There have been some notable exceptions, but the lads and lasses from the UK did not take charge as a unit as they have done in previous years.

Sam Trickett, Jake Cody, James Dempsey and John Eames were just a few of the notable Brits finding themselves free falling into mid-table mediocrity in the Global Poker Index (GPI).

Maybe it’s time for a little fresh blood?

Step forward Simon Deadman, who after finishing 2012 with a career best $189,242 in live tournament earnings, has stormed out of the gates in 2013.

When Deadman plays poker in his homeland there is no one better and after winning the World Poker Tour (WPT) National Series held in Dublin for $89,074 we believe he is going to be the next big UK export to hit the world poker scene in 2013.

2) Jake Cody Joins PokerStars

Jake Cody
Dream come true for Cody.

Speaking of big UK exports ...

The worst-kept secret in poker is a secret no more. In case you've been locked inside a two-month cash game somewhere in Macau, Jake Cody was unveiled as a member of Team PokerStars Pro at the recent PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) Main Event.

The youngest Triple Crown winner on record left PKR in November after just one year in the job, prompting speculation that Cody was being lined up for a slot in the team that every poker player wants to join.

2012 is a poker year that Cody would rather forget, after winning a paltry sum of $56,000, mainly due to his absence from the felt. Maybe he has been enjoying the lifestyle that $3 million in live tournament earnings spread over a two-year period brings you?

"It probably sounds quite silly but it is literally a dream come true. I know it's something that everyone says but it genuinely is," Cody said.

"It's something I've been working at for a while now. For it to actually happen... it's awesome."

3) Life After PKR for Sudworth Involves a lot of Near-Death

Sudworth's ant bites.

So Jake Cody manages to win the Triple Crown without having a single sponsor and then finds two in a little over a year as he walks out of the PKR offices and straight into the hot tub at PokerStars.

But what about the man Cody replaced at PKR? What has James “James666” Sudworth been up to since he left his former employer?

After parting ways with PKR, Sudworth headed straight for Costa Rica where he nearly died - twice! The first ugly incident happening when he crashed his quad bike over a cliff and the second when he contracted Dengue Fever – I guess that’s what happens when you live in a jungle three hours from the nearest hospital.

He then spent a month chasing skirts in Texas before heading to the island of Koh Tao in Thailand. Sudworth stayed there for four months and his greatest memory was pulling a girl and then leaving her on the dance floor whilst he passed out on an ant nest. Instead of waking up the next morning with a lovebite he woke up with 300 ant bites.

After the exhaustion of chasing lady boys, Sudworth has ended up in the land of Oz where this week he broke his knuckle saving a young girlfriend from the fisticuffs of her over-zealous boyfriend.

You know what they say. Don’t mess with the gingers.

Lee Davy is a writer from Ogmore Vale in South Wales. You can follow his views and opinions through his blog at or on Twitter @Chingster23.

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